Creating Public Open Shifts

Post public open shifts to the NurseGrid shift bank where staff members can pick them up.

If you know you have a handful of shifts to fill and would like your entire staff to have the opportunity to pick them up, you can send a public open shift to NurseGrid's shift bank.

How do public open shifts differ from a regular open shift?

  • Public open shifts are sent without notifying your staff. They are only visible in the NurseGrid Mobile open shift bank (pictured below).
  • Public open shifts cannot be marked urgent like a regular open shift can.
  • Public open shifts can be picked up by any staff member who matches your credential or position filters.
  • There is no auto-approval of public open shifts.
  • Staff members cannot pick up only part of a public open shift – they must pick up the entire shift.

To create public open shifts, navigate to the Open Shifts screen by clicking Requests on your left sidebar then selecting Open Shifts. Click "Fill Open Shift" in the top-right corner. On the following screen, switch on the "Public Opportunity" toggle. Choose the type of shifts you're posting to the shift bank (note that you can only send one type of shift per batch), then select the days on which those open shifts occur on the calendar.

Next you can add any notes you'd like your staff to see about these shifts, and set your quota. This quota applies to all shifts within the batch. If you know you need a staff member with a specific position or credential, set those filters below.

Once you've selected your shift criteria, click the "Continue" button in the top-right corner. This button will also display the number of staff members who are about to receive the public open shift. Review your batch, then click "Send" to publish them!

Your staff members will not receive a push notification about these shifts. They'll be able to see the shifts by opening their NurseGrid Mobile app, then navigating to the Open Shifts tab of their calendar screen. Staff members can tap on any open shift to see associated details and pick up the shift.

When a staff member picks up the shift and you've approved it, the staff member will be notified via push notification and the shift will be published to their NurseGrid calendar.

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