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Our most powerful feature is the Schedule tab where you can quickly see how many team members are working each day, as well as enter and publish schedules to your entire staff. This is a basic overview of how to navigate and use the new features. You are always welcome to chat with us by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of any screen in NurseGrid Manager to ask additional questions.

NurseGrid - Schedule Overview - Step 1

You can view how many team members are working each day in a monthly view or click the date to see that day’s breakdown by position, shift and number of staff. The shifts will be color coordinated according to the shift types you’ve already setup!

NurseGrid - Schedule Overview - Step 2

The weekly view will give you schedule information in more detail with all of your team members listed and their schedules for the week. Again, the shifts are color coordinated to the Shift Types you made in your account settings.

NurseGrid - Schedule Overview - Step 3

From the Schedule section, you now have the ability to send schedules out to your staff. Click the Draft Schedule button in the top right-hand corner while on the weekly view and you will notice that the live shifts fade out and become “locked”. Next, click the Add Draft Event button near the top of the week view.

NurseGrid - Schedule Overview - Step 4

A screen will pop up where you can enter the details of the shift or event. First, click the date(s) that the shift will be for. Next, choose the event type from the drop-down menu that will list all of your custom shift types, meeting, education, vacation, and custom shift.

On the column on the right, you can choose whether it is a charge/preceptor/overtime shift (optional), and attach a note that will be visible to your assignee(s) (optional).

After the details are in place, you can click “Assignees” on the left-hand side of the Details modal to view the employees who are available on the date(s) you clicked. You have the option to invite all staff to the event, search for a specific colleague by name, and use the filters to adjust position type/credentials/tags/charge trained.

Select Group of Workers

Note: There are three checklists of potential recipients:

  1. Available to Work (employees who have created an Available event on their calendar),
  2. Unscheduled (employees who are not already on shift), and
  3. Working (employees who are on shift for part or all of the timeframe you chose).

You can include any or all of the recipients in these three checklists if you’d like.

Once all of the details are set, click the orange Save & Close button to create a draft of your shift. You will be taken back to the Draft Schedule screen where a little green pop-up box will show up in the top right-hand corner to indicate the event was created successfully for just a few seconds. Click the Review & Publish button near the top right of the screen and you will be taken to the Schedule Summary.

Schedule Overview

On the Schedule Summary screen, you will see the number of events/shifts you are about to publish and how many staff members you are sending it to near the top. You will also see a summary view below those numbers of the event and those that it will be sent to. You may need to navigate to the correct day you created the shift for by using the arrows and on either side of the month and year.

Schedule Overview

Once all of that information is verified, click the orange Publish & Notify button in the top right-hand corner (if you’d like to delete this draft and start again, click “Clear All Draft Events” instead). A pop-up message will ask you to confirm whether you’re ready to publish your events, click either Publish or Cancel.

Schedule Overview

After clicking Publish, the event or shift(s) should now be live and sent out to your staff!

Schedule Overview

The number of current open Open Shift Requests now displays at the top of every day in Schedule Week view. Clicking on the Open Shift count for any day will bring up a screen displaying a summary of those open shift requests including time, pending and accepted responses. A badge icon will appear on any request that has pending actions. Each open shift should have a link taking you its details page by clicking “View” under the actions column.

Schedule Overview


Table of Contents

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