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Getting more of your inner circle on the Grid helps give you more of your life at a glance. Shifts. Job(s). Work wives. Naps. It’s all on the Grid.

When you both have NurseGrid you can:

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I enjoy how easy it is to add my shifts to the calendar. I also like that I can send my schedule to my family so they know when I’m working. It also allows for different work locations and differentiate between trainings/meetings and actual days on the floor. Great app for nurses.
So helpful for nurses with nurse friends. Love being able to see my schedule alongside my coworker schedules. Makes coordinating plans so much easier. Also love having my own schedule so easy access. Definitely recommend.
I put all my friends onto NurseGrid! I can’t say enough good things about the app... user friendly, easy way to manage my own schedule and to be able to make plans with friends by seeing exactly when we all have work. Thank you NurseGrid!!
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