Nurse Well-Being Week 2023

Thousands of nurse professionals joined the conversation on Nurse Well-Being Week. NurseGrid™ by HealthStream™ hosted the third Nurse Well-Being Week to help nurses create habits and boundaries of self-care. Watch the recap and join us for an interactive conversation on self-care.

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nurse lying on floor listening to a guided meditation

Building Your Own Self-Care Habit

When it comes to self-care habits, it can be hard to build one that sticks. However, there are a few tricks you can do to create a long-lasting habit for your well-being.

The Power of Self-Reflection on Nurse Well-Being

Learn how one simple habit can help you refocus and stay motivated in your nursing career. Developing a habit of self-care and reflection after each shift can help cultivate positive emotions that work to counter burnout and support your well-being

Ready to reflect?

New Feature: Shift Reflection

Take 2 minutes for yourself after your shift, with NurseGrid™ Shift Reflection. NurseGrid’s new Shift Reflection tool makes it easier to fit self-care into your routine.

View Your Schedule on Your Smartwatch

Now Available on Apple Watch and Wear OS! Don’t have NurseGrid Mobile? To start your experience, download it now! New to NurseGrid? Click here to learn more about NurseGrid Mobile. Previous Next NurseGrid User? And want to get the Smartwatch

Exciting Updates to NurseGrid Messaging

If you haven’t checked out the NurseGrid messaging feature yet, there’s no time like the present! It is a great way to make plans and stay in touch with nurse friends and colleagues.

Improving Nurse Mentorship Programs

Nurse mentorship programs can be a rewarding experience for both mentees and experienced nurses. We as nurses need to end the culture of bullying each other and eradicate “nurses eating their young” to ensure a safe environment for both nurses

What New Nurses Should Know About Professional Boundaries

“Crossing professional boundaries or engaging in improper use of social media are violations of the nurse practice act and can be the cause of professional discipline and termination of employment.” The repercussions for violating professional boundaries can also go beyond

7 Ways to Prove You Are a Lifelong Learner

Proving you are a lifelong learner is a simple but continuous process. Here we list ways to demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and improving healthcare and the benefits you will experience as a result.

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