Meet your new career companion, Nursegrid Learn. 

Who’s had enough of juggling emails and paper documents or logging into different systems just to track your nursing licenses and credentials? We get it—between your busy schedule, irregular shifts, and, let’s be real, your actual life, no one has time for administrative headaches like tracking expiration dates.

Nursegrid wants to make license and certification tracking at least as easy as keeping up with your work schedule. That’s why we’re introducing a new feature that will notify you when the credentials you’ve added to the app are about to expire.

All you need to do is set up your licenses (yes, we know that some of you have more than one), certifications, and any other credentials or qualifications in your NurseGrid app. Sure, there’s a bit of legwork up front to gather all the details, but once that’s done, you’re golden. No more stressing over renewal emails that got filtered to spam or last-minute alerts from your certifying organization.

Slay this particular stress monster permanently. Once your licenses and certifications are logged in Nursegrid, we’ll pop up a friendly reminder 30 days before anything expires. Then you can focus on what you need to do to renew. (Psst, have you checked out CE options in Nursegrid Learn?)

The Technical Details
First things first: Reminders only work in the current version of the app. So, hit that update button to make sure you have the latest and greatest.

Next, click on the Me icon to open your profile. Select Credentials and add whatever you need to track. You can track your license(s), certification(s), education, and other qualifications. If you have an image or other documentation to attach, that’s an option too. Click Save and feel confident that Nursegrid will take care of the rest.

We’ll send an expiration reminder to your Nursegrid Inbox 30 days before your credential is set to expire. If you dismiss that message, you’ll get another one on the day of expiration.

You may also get a nudge if your license information is incomplete. We want to notify you, but we can’t if we don’t have all the details!