Must-Have Items to Get You Through Your Next Shift

When you’re a nurse, you always have something to do or somewhere to be. With so many patients to care for, you never know when you might need to reach for some medical supplies or a little something to get you through the day. You might not have time to run back to your locker or the break room when the going gets tough, so make sure your bag is stocked with these nursing essentials.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Successful Charting

Charting the condition and treatment of patients is a fundamental part of being a nurse. Use these tips to learn how to chart like a pro without endangering you or your patients.

Knowing the Difference Between a Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest

Patients and even healthcare providers have a bad habit of confusing a heart attack with cardiac arrest, two serious, if not fatal, heart conditions. But these two terms describe different medical conditions and each one requires a different approach to care.

patient care

Hospital Discharges: Is Sooner Always Better?

Deciding when to discharge a patient isn’t always a straightforward decision. While many healthcare providers will use precedent when figuring out the right time to discharge a patient, there are many variables at play

The Pulse January 2019

The Pulse – January 2019

We’re here to celebrate the work you do, recognize your pain points, and build solutions to make your life as a nurse better. Our monthly roundup’s highlight the comments, feedback, and voices from our community of over 500,000 nurses using NurseGrid.

nurse manager

Transitioning from Bedside Nurse to Nurse Manager

If you’re a registered bedside nurse that’s looking to transition into nurse management, you’ll have to supplement your education and professional experience. Learn how you can take your career to the next level and become a nurse manager.

Community Spotlight – January 2019

With over 500,000 nurses using our platforms, we know the importance of building a community. To us, community means sharing experiences, offering support, and making connections. We created these monthly Spotlights for that reason – to showcase you, share your stories, and ensure your voice is heard.

travel nursing

4 Reasons Why Nurses Turn to Travel Nursing

Since the late 1970s, medical facilities have responded to nursing shortages by hiring temporary workers to fill crisis needs. Today, temporary nursing positions are filled by thousands of professional travel nurses that travel across the USA filling crisis needs.

The Pulse – December 2018

We love engaging with our nurse community, now totaling over half a million! We’re here to celebrate the work you do, recognize your pain points, and build solutions to make your life as a nurse better.

history of nursing

How Nursing Has Evolved Over the Last 150 Years

The nursing profession continues to evolve as members of the healthcare community analyze and spearhead opportunities for improvement. By looking back on how the nursing industry has changed, we can make better sense of how the industry will continue to evolve going forward.

nursing around the world

Nursing Around the World: Similarities and Differences

Changes in geography and economic development, religious differences, and changes to the overall healthcare system can affect the way a nurse does their job. From education and accreditation to the environment in which care is administered, the nursing industry varies widely across the globe. Learn more about global similarities and differences in nursing.

nursing advocacy

How Nurses Can Advance Their Profession and Patient Care Through Advocacy

Nurses have had to advocate for themselves, their peers, and their patients since the profession's creation back in the 1800s. As federal healthcare laws continue to change and evolve, nurses are often the ones carrying out various healthcare policies, as they treat their patients on a daily basis.

November Pulse

The Pulse – November 2018

We love engaging with our nurse community, now totaling over half a million! We’re here to celebrate the work you do, recognize your pain points, and build solutions to make your life as a nurse better.

The Pulse – October 2018

The Pulse – October 2018

We love engaging with our nurse community, now totaling over half a million! We’re here to celebrate the work you do, recognize your pain points, and build solutions to make your life as a nurse better.

5 Lessons Every Nurse Must Learn

5 Valuable Lessons Every Nurse Must Learn on the Job

Being a nurse can be mentally and physically exhausting, especially if you’re right out of nursing school and you just landed your first job. If you’re just starting out as a nurse, use these lessons to make the best of your new position.

Nursing the At-Home Patient: Special Considerations

Nursing the At-Home Patient: Special Considerations

If you’re taking care of a patient in their own home, you’ll quickly realize that things aren’t like they used to be. The predictability of the hospital is no more, and it’s up to you to deliver the best care possible in a changing environment.

How to Teach and Learn Soft Skills

How to Teach and Learn Soft Skills

One growing concern in the healthcare industry is a desire to help nurses find ways to connect with their patients more. When nurses connect with their patients more, the level of care rises and patients feel as if they are truly valued.

How Can I Become a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

How Can I Become a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner?

Are you wanting to work in women's health? Women's health nurse practitioners or WHNPs perform many of the duties of a gynecologist and often provide pre and post-natal care for mothers. Here's how to start a career as a women's health nurse practitioner.

Nurse Rules from 1900

A List of Nurse Rules from the Early 1900s

Medical technology has improved considerably over the last 100 years, and so has the relationship between a nurse and their patient. Take a look at some of the more surprising nurse rules from the early 1900s.

7 Tips for Nurse Managers to Boost Staff Satisfaction

7 Ways Nurse Managers Can Boost Staff Satisfaction

The positive effects of increased staff satisfaction in nursing units are well researched. These 7 tips will help you to increase your staff’s satisfaction, making the rest of your goals much easier to achieve.

A Nurse's Story: 3 Things That Helped Me through Burnout

A Nurse's Story: 3 Things That Helped Me through Burnout

Burnout is one of worst things that can happen to you as a nurse. Blood, guts, and gore — these things don’t phase us. But, burnout? It’s that one thing that can make you take off your scrubs and never want to wear them again.

The Magic Nursing Ratio

The Magic Nursing Ratio

What is the ideal nurse-patient ratio? What are the errors that begin to occur when staffing breeches that magic number?

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Finding Your Niche in Nursing

Niche: a comfortable or suitable position in life, or in employment. I think that besides being my calling and passion, nursing has become my niche in life. And, lucky enough, I I’ve found my niche within nursing. Here's how you can too.


Win a Party for Your Department!

To show our appreciation for nurses, and in an effort to get nurses’ feedback to make our product even better, we are offering a fully catered party to one lucky hospital department!

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We Need More Nurses in Healthcare Leadership Positions

There’s an archaic stereotype that looms over the leadership hierarchy of the healthcare industry. That is, that physicians are the leaders, the delegators, the most knowledgeable in the field of medicine. And nurses are the helpers, taking direction from the doctor in charge.

NurseGrid Nurse Calendar App

Go Ahead, Make Plans with NurseGrid

A lot of you have expressed interest in NurseGrid offering you more flexible ways to schedule personal events that impact your professional life. This week we’ve released an update to NurseGrid Mobile that offers you more flexibility and choice in event types.

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5 Reasons to Throw a Nurse Engagement Party

Congratulations, you’re engaged! You feel connected, supported, appreciated, and heard—happy to put your energy into a relationship that promises positive returns. Shouldn’t that be how nurses feel at work? So often, though, they say they feel the opposite.

The View screenshot

Responding to 'The View'

NurseGrid team member Zach Smith, RN provides a thoughtful response to recent comments made by hosts of The View about nurses.

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NurseGrid Featured in McKnight's HealthCare Review

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News is a business news magazine serving the institutional long-term care field. Thanks to McKnight’s for their review of NurseGrid’s new communication solution.

NurseGrid nursing schedule app

NurseGrid Now Available on Android!

NurseGrid is pleased to announce the release of our new native Android application. The launch of the Android app ensures easy access to NurseGrid for all nurses across the country. The Android application contains all the features of the popular iOS application.

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