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How to Show Your Staff How Much You Appreciate Them

A simple “thank you” can go a long way when someone’s in the middle of a 12-hour shift. Use these tips to show staff members how much they mean to you.

Nurse managers see their staff going above and beyond every day. From compassionately listening to a patient’s concerns to keeping things tidy around the office, they depend on nurses in more ways than one. Showing staff how appreciated they are is part of being an effective manager. A simple “thank you” can go a long way when someone’s in the middle of a 12-hour shift. Use these tips to show staff members how much they mean to you.

On-the-Spot Appreciation

It doesn’t take a lot of energy to show your staff members some on-the-spot appreciation. If you notice someone going above and beyond the essential duties of their position or completing a task with precision and grace, take a moment to thank them and recognize what a great job they’re doing. It can be easy to overlook these virtues in a staff member if you’ve had a hectic day or you’re low on enthusiasm, but remember that your job as a manager would be next to impossible if it weren’t for the dedication of your staff members. A simple verbal expression of gratitude can drastically improve the mood and mental well-being of your staff members.

Publicizing All the Work They Do

If you’re looking for free ways to show some love to your staff members, you can always publicize the work they do by writing about their dedication in an employee newsletter, putting their picture on the wall as an employee of the month, or by reaching out to local healthcare publications with a heartwarming story of nursing excellence. These rewards shine a spotlight on a nurse’s good work, helping them make the most of their experiences on the job. Your nurses can use these outreach efforts to land new career opportunities and make a name for themselves in the healthcare industry.

Giving Out Awards or Incentives

You can use financial incentives or gifts to reward nurses for their excellence on the job, but some of these gifts might break your budget after a while. Instead of or in addition to these gifts, you can create special awards for your nurses. Try handing out special certificates or prizes to your nursing staff at the end of the year, such as prizes for “Best Bedside Care,” “Most Valuable Employee,” or a special thanks for picking up extra shifts.

Leave Room for Feedback

As hard as you may try to reward your nurses, listening to their feedback with an open mind is one of the best ways to show them how much you care. Make space for staff feedback and try to address your staff’s concerns to the best of your abilities. Sometimes making someone feel heard is all it takes to show your appreciation. If your staff members feel as if their opinions don’t matter, their job performance may start to suffer.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Perhaps the biggest incentive and reward for good work is a promotion. If you do your best to hire within your facility instead of bringing on outside talent, your staff members will be motivated to do their best. Providing career advancement opportunities for your current staff members shows them that you believe in their abilities. If a staff member feels like they’re stuck in neutral, they won’t feel motivated to push themselves or grow as an employee. Promoting someone on your staff shows everyone that they have a bright future at the company if they’re willing to work for it.

Everyone needs to feel appreciated. Keep your nurses engaged and show them their hard work is not going unnoticed.

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