Top 7 Apps for Nurses

While hospitals often lag behind in adopting modern technology, that doesn't mean nurses have to as well. Smartphone apps are where everything is heading, so it is time we nurses get with the trend. More and more apps are being released for nurses, so we carefully compiled a succinct list after wading through the rest. Without further adieu, here are our Top 7 Apps For Nurses, 2015.

1. NurseGrid

  • Cost: FREE
  • What It Does: Helps you manage your schedule and communicate with other nurses in your department.
  • Why It Is a Top App: This app was created by nurses, which is more than a lot of nurse apps can say. It allows you to enter a month’s worth of shifts in seconds. It also facilitates swaps between you and co-workers while providing an easy and professional way to connect with others in your department. The app just launched this year so it is still gaining traction, but once it catches on you’ll be hard pressed to find a nurse who doesn’t know about it.

2. Symptomia

  • Cost: FREE
  • What It Does: Input symptoms for quick diagnoses
  • Why It Is a Top App: Apps that rank high on our list combine function, form, and affordability. This has all three. Its design is extremely intuitive, simple, and easy to use. It can be highly useful for nurses in all levels of care. While we may not be the one officially diagnosing patients, it is ALWAYS good to be thinking ahead and trying to gain a more well-rounded understanding of our patient’s symptoms.

3. Code Happy

  • Cost: FREE
  • What It Does: Mobile community for nurses
  • Why It Is a Top App: This is one of the largest communities of nurses online. It is a great place to ask for support, get answers to questions, chat with other nurses, and prevent the too-common nurse burnout.

4. Nursing Central

  • Cost: FREE
  • What It Does: Drug searches, medical definitions, and test information
  • Why It Is a Top App: "Central" is an accurate name because this app really is the center of so many tools for nurses. This is one of the more user-friendly nurse apps out there and can be useful for students and veteran nurses alike.

5. Google Translate

  • Cost: FREE
  • What It Does: Translates any language
  • Why It Is a Top App: We use this app on a monthly basis. Sometimes getting a translator is more hassle than it’s worth when all you need to do is ask them where their pain is. The app will even speak for you if you don’t feel comfortable attempting to say “¿Tiene dolor?” to your patient. This simple app can increase your rapport with patients while also saving you a lot of time.

6. Nurse Jobs

  • Cost: FREE
  • What It Does: Locates jobs for you
  • Why It Is a Top App: There are too many job boards out there that are not specific to nurses, and searching through individual hospital sites can be very time-consuming. Nursing Jobs can help find your perfect nursing job. It’s not the most modern app in the world, but sometimes it is just about getting the job done, much like nursing.

7. 3M Littmann Soundbuilder

  • Cost: FREE
  • What It Does: Plays heart sounds
  • Why It Is a Top App: Even those of us who work on cardiac floors cannot accurately detect and identify all the various heart sounds. This app has them all documented in an audio library. The audio does not go that loud, so headphones are required to hear some of the nuances. Hopefully that will be fixed in an update, but for now, it is still one of our Top Apps For Nurses.

8. Epocrates

  • Cost: FREE
  • What It Does: Medication resource
  • Why It Is a Top App: Not only does this app have ever med you could possibly give to a patient but it also includes pertinent teaching information. Many doctors either use or are familiar with this product, and we nurses are all about synergy, right? In the end, it is a useful resource with an easy-to-use design.