Engage with your nurses on the mobile app they love and get the connectivity you need to make your organization run more efficiently.​

Hospital Solutions for Nurses

Many of your nurses already use NurseGrid Mobile, the #1 nurse app in the nation.

NurseGrid™ requires zero nurse training time, there is no massive implementation, and best of all, NurseGrid integrates with existing scheduling systems like ANSOS™, ShiftWizard™, and others.

Engage with your nurses on the app they use every day!

  • Provide 24/7 access and control of their schedule
  • Reduce off-duty noise by eliminating calls, texts and emails
  • Send shift opportunities and receive claims in real-time
  • Simplify self-scheduling with streamlined mobile submissions
Hospital Solutions for Nurses

“We have seen a reduction in the hours managers spend on staffing and schedules, a VERY substantial decrease in the errors that were occurring in our daily staffing, a significant amount of time given back to our charge nurses, and overall I couldn’t imagine going back to the way we were staffing and scheduling before.”
– Renee Shove RN, MSN Patient Care Manager, Kona Community Hospital

Improve Nurse Engagement & Operate More Efficiently

Time saved using NurseGrid to manage swap requests

Staff using NurseGrid who report improved job satisfaction

Decrease in time managers spend filling open shifts

NurseGrid User Surveys

Gain deeper insights into your staff’s well-being and job status with help from NurseGrid. Find out more.

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