The Pulse – January 2019

We’re here to celebrate the work you do, recognize your pain points, and build solutions to make your life as a nurse better. Our monthly roundup’s highlight the comments, feedback, and voices from our community of over 500,000 nurses using NurseGrid.
The Pulse January 2019

We love engaging with our nurse community, now totaling over half a million! We’re here to celebrate the work you do, recognize your pain points, and build solutions to make your life as a nurse better.

Our monthly roundup’s highlight the comments, feedback, and voices from our community of over 500,000 nurses using NurseGrid. We will also include monthly contests and giveaways, so make sure and enter!

Amanda Guarniere

Community Spotlight with Amanda Guarniere, MSN, NP-C, WHNP-BC

We created #CommunitySpotlights to showcase our amazing nurse network, share your stories, and ensure your voices are heard.

We interviewed the woman behind The Resume RX and learned about her side business, what inspired her to become a nurse, finding balance, and more!

Read the full interview here and get to know Amanda.

Appreciating Your Department Over the Holidays


We know a part of nurse life is working over the holidays. While friends and family are enjoying one another’s company, you still have to work to make sure your surrounding community is safe and taken care of. To show our appreciation for nurses working over the holidays we gave away our limited edition holiday socks to three different departments – the gift of warm feet!

The Winners:

Shavonne Reynolds at Burns/Plastics/Pediatric Trauma Unit at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle:

I have the honor and pleasure of working with some of the most compassionate and intelligent frontline Burn and Pediatric Trauma nurses. Caring for individuals with burns can be mentally and emotionally exhausting as you are helping individuals and their families through a difficult time of healing and recovery. But the way the nursing staff comes together from management, bedside nurses, and CNAs to support one another to provide quality and compassionate care makes it all worth it. I am so proud of my 8E nursing colleagues! They make me a better nurse because of the support and encouragement we give to one another and our patients. I can guarantee we all would be very appreciative of the acknowledgment and these awesome holiday socks!

Fatima Macalaguin at Nurse Liaisons at JourneyCare Care Center:

I work for a hospice hospital liaison team! We sit with patients and families in the hospital when hospice is put on consult and discuss the next steps. We discuss goals, we focus on what a good day is to the patient, and we truly do everything we can in our power to give the patient and family what they want. It is incredibly special to be a point of comfort, knowledge, and support for patients and their families during this part of life. The people I work with are compassionate, they are gentle, and they are kind. I have learned so much about hospice and palliative medicine from my team and their work!

Krystle Landingin at Critical Care Unit at Troy Beaumont:

socksOur Critical Care Unit care is out of this world! We have ten patients on our unit, but some days are a struggle, and if it weren’t for the amazing teamwork, I wouldn’t know how to get through a 12-hour shift! We’re planning something special for all our patients who will be spending Christmas with us – giving them and their family something special for the holidays. It would be awesome if our department won: if we could share some holiday socks for our patients so they can also share in the wealth!

Shared Governance Is Essential to Nursing

Shared Governance

Changing the hierarchy of the healthcare system is not easy. While on the frontline of healthcare, nurses are often not consulted in decisions that impact hospital structure and procedures.

Nurses play a fundamental role in the healthcare system, caring for patients at every turn, and for the healthcare industry to move forward, nurses must play an active role in the decision-making process.

Learn about the importance of shared governance for nurses.

Information Overload in the Nurse World & How to Fix It

Any nurse will tell you about the “alarm fatigue” and “noise” they experience while working bedside. It’s nearly constant, and the risk is we become deaf to it and miss important alarms that do need our attention.

Healthcare management is notorious for overloading their staff with too much information, diluting the information that truly is important. Here is a list of ways in which management overwhelm their staff with

information, including tips to address it.

Check out our tips!

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Zach Smith

Zach Smith

Introducing Shift Comparison

NurseGrid Mobile’s most requested feature, Shift Comparison, is here! Instantly compare schedules with your friends and colleagues. Shift Comparison makes coordinating availability effortless - plan days off with your bestie or find a coworker to swap with in a single tap. 

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