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How to Update Your NurseGrid Profile
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How to View Multiple Worksites at Once
How to Add a Shift
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How to Add a Charge Shift
How to Enable App Notifications in NurseGrid
How to Sync NurseGrid to Your iPhone
How to Add, Manage, & Delete Credentials
How to Add Colleagues
How to Invite Friends & Coworkers to NurseGrid
How to Offer a Shift for Pick-up
How to Pick up an Available Shift
How to Respond to a Pick-up Offer
How to Create an Open Swap
How to Offer a Swap to a Colleague
How to Respond to a Swap Request from a Colleague
How to Respond to an Open Swap Request
How to Enter Your Availability in NurseGrid
How to Send a Message in NurseGrid
How do I connect with colleagues in another department or facility?

You can search for colleagues and other nurse friends by navigating to the Colleagues tab and typing your colleague’s name in the search box. Once you find the colleague you want to connect with, tap the green + sign to request them as a colleague. A gray clock will appear next to their name while your colleague connection request is pending.

How can I see when my colleagues work?

You can view your colleague’s work shifts by navigating to their profile. From your menu, tap colleagues, tap on the colleague whose schedule you want to see, and their calendar will come up. Please note that only work shift events are visible between colleagues on NurseGrid and other event types remain private and only visible to the user (such as vacation and personal appointments).

I don't recognize someone who has joined my worksite. What should I do?

Please feel free to contact our customer support team! You can do this by emailing us or using the Report Suspicious Activity option at the bottom of your colleagues list. We can investigate from our end whether that person has a legitimate reason for joining your worksite or we can send out a warning message if needed.

I’m not a nurse. Can I still use NurseGrid?

NurseGrid was built by nurses for all kinds of healthcare workers including CNAs, LVNs, RTs, PAs, and more. While the app is called NurseGrid, we have tons of users who aren’t nurses that find the app valuable. We understand there are many different types of shift work out there, but healthcare professionals deserve a tool just for them. That means we limit NurseGrid use to healthcare workers.

When I logged in my information was gone! How can I get it back?

Don’t worry, your account is still safe! Please email us at and we’ll help you recover your schedule.

How do I delete a duplicate account?

Click here to let us know about a duplicate account, and we’ll take care of it for you. Be sure to include the email associated with the duplicate account. Once we’ve deactivated your duplicate account, we’ll let you know so that you can use that email address again with your current account if you want.

How do I set my profile to private and what information does it affect?

Setting your profile to private hides your account and schedule from all other NurseGrid users. You won’t appear in any searches, and other NurseGrid users won’t be able to add you as a colleague or see your schedule. To set your profile to private, navigate to “Me” then “Account” and scroll down. Toggle on “Hide Profile” and select Save (or the checkmark) to save changes.

Can I delete old messages from the Messages tab?


How do I enter charge shifts?

Head to the details screen of the worksite where you're charge trained in the "Me" tab. Once you select Edit and toggle the "Charge Trained" option, you will be able to specify charge shifts when adding new events to your schedule. Tap the toggle next to “Charge” so that it turns blue, which will enable you to enter charge shifts. Just make sure to tap "Done" to save your changes before you exit your worksite details.

Can my manager enter in the schedule for me and my colleagues?

Yes, they absolutely can with the NurseGrid Manager platform! NurseGrid manager is made specifically for managers to upload their schedule, push that schedule out to their staff, send out and approve open or call shifts, and approve swaps. It makes coordinating staff schedules and communicating with staff and managers a lot easier. You can email us for more information.

Can I add personal events to my NurseGrid calendar?

You can absolutely add personal events, meetings, education, and vacation days to NurseGrid! Tap the + sign on the main calendar page like you’re adding a shift. Then tap the Event Type cell, scroll down, and select one of the event types from the Personal or Other categories. You’ll be able to finish scheduling this event as you normally would a shift by selecting the time and tapping on the date(s) in the calendar below.

How do I add notes to my shifts and events?

You can easily add notes to a shift or event by tapping on an existing shift and then tapping on the “Notes” blank area on the event details screen. The keyboard will pop up and you’ll be able to add your notes into your event.

How do I add recurring events to my schedule?

While NurseGrid currently doesn’t have the option to set specific shifts or events to repeat at regular intervals, you can still add routine shifts easily by tapping multiple days on the calendar at the bottom of the Add Events screen, allowing you to enter your shifts for the rest of the year if you’d like!

Can I change the colors of my calendar based on my shift types instead of the worksite?

To help you see which worksite or department to go to for a given shift, NurseGrid uses different calendar colors to designate worksites and their departments where your shift is located. To help determine what shift you're working at a glance, your shifts will have a sun, sunset, or moon icon to denote the time of day for your shift.

Can I add multiple events on one day?

Yes, you absolutely can! Tap the + button each time to add an event, and in the Event Details screen, you’ll be able to tap any day you want in the calendar below (including days that already have other scheduled events). Days with multiple events scheduled will have an ellipsis (“…”) appear within their square on your calendar. Tap the ellipsis to see all of the events scheduled for that day.

I don’t see my worksite in the database. How do I request it?

If you have searched for your worksite and didn’t find it in the app on the Add a Worksite page, you can request to have it added to the app database by tapping “Don’t see your facility?” and entering information into all of the fields. The more information we have the better, so that we can add your site quickly and accurately.

What do I do if I requested it and I don’t see it yet?

Since we’re currently in the process of revamping our database upload method, you may experience a delay in having your worksite uploaded. We appreciate your patience in this process and look forward to speeding it up as we continue improving!

Is NurseGrid available for users outside of the U.S.?

At this time, NurseGrid is currently only available in the United States due to the structure of our server support. Saying that, we look forward to the day when our products can support users outside of the United States and functionality is not limited to specific regions.

Why do I have to add a worksite to use NurseGrid?

We designed NurseGrid for all nurses and healthcare practitioners to require a worksite for several reasons, including:

  • Allowing users to connect to their colleagues to facilitate swapping and giving away shifts
  • Allowing users with multiple worksites to differentiate where they are working at a glance
  • Keeping our database of worksites organized for all the staff that work at various healthcare organizations (we don't have the capacity in the database to add personal sites)

Customizing a Worksite

[Android] Adding a Worksite
[Android] Adding a Worksite
NurseGrid requires you to add a worksite to your account before adding any shifts. This makes sure that you're able to access all the great features of NurseGrid, including giving away shifts and messaging colleagues.

When you first sign up for NurseGrid, you'll be brought directly to our worksite search function. Search there for your worksite and department to add them to your account. If you don't see your worksite, shoot us a note with the facility name, city, and state at

To add additional worksites, head to the Me tab by pressing the Me button at the bottom of your screen. Tap "Worksites," then press the "+" icon in the top-right corner. Search for your facility and tap it when it appears, then pick your department. The worksite will then be added to your Worksites list.

No longer work at a facility? Remove the worksite from your NurseGrid account by tapping that worksite in your Worksites list. Note: This option is only available for unmanaged users (where worksite is not managed by a NurseGrid Manager).

Important: If a worksite is deleted, all associated shifts and events will also be deleted with the worksite.

For iOS, press "Edit" in the top-right corner, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and press the red "Delete Worksite" button.

For Android, navigate to the Me tab, then tap Worksites. Once you reach your worksite menu, tap on the worksite you’d like to delete to access your worksite details. From the worksite details screen, you can scroll all the way down or tap the Pencil icon in the lower right corner and an option to delete the worksite will appear at the bottom of the screen.

There is also the option to delete a worksite by logging into your account on the web version of the app which can be found here - After logging in, navigate to the Me tab, then select Worksites. You should then see an option to delete your worksite at the bottom of the screen.

If you would like to hide a worksite from appearing on your calendar rather than deleting a worksite, tap the gear icon from the Calendar screen to access your calendar options. From the calendar options menu, there will be toggles next to your worksites that allow you to choose if you would like to show or hide a worksite.

You can add your hire date and employment type to any of your worksites in NurseGrid. Just tap over to your Worksites list from your Me screen. Select the worksite that you'd like to add information to and start typing in any field to change details.

iOS screenshot NurseGrid adding details

Add your hire date by tapping "Hire Date," and enter whether you're full-time, part-time, or per-diem by tapping "Employment Type". You can also add your hourly wage. (Don't worry, your coworkers won't be able to see this information.)

Don't forget to hit "Done" or "Save Changes" in the top-right corner of the screen to save your changes!

Updating Your NurseGrid Profile

NurseGrid allows you to track all of your nursing-related information, from your schedule to your credentials. Your NurseGrid profile is where you can store information about your years of work experience, your education, and your contact details.

iOS Preview – Filling out Your NurseGrid Profile

Android Preview – Filling out Your NurseGrid Profile

To edit your NurseGrid profile, just tap the Me icon at the bottom of your screen, then press Profile. You'll be able to change your name, job position, and contact information on this screen. To edit any of these fields, just tap on them!

To update password, make your profile private, or sync a Facebook or Google account to NurseGrid, tab over to "Account."

Don't forget to hit "✓" on Android or "Save" on iOS in the top-right corner to ensure changes stick.

Editing Information in NurseGrid

NurseGrid Credentials are a great, easy way to keep track of your credentials. With the ability to create expiration reminders and upload photos of certifications, NurseGrid is a one-stop shop for credential management.

If you're a viewer, not a reader, watch our video tutorial on credentials.

For iOS:

To add a credential, head to the Me tab by tapping the person icon, then tap Credentials. Tap the add credential icon in the top-right corner or, if you haven't entered a credential yet, tap the message in the middle of the screen.

Search or scroll to find your credentials and tap each one you would like to add to your account. After you've selected each one, you can edit them individually by tapping the credentials one at a time.

Add Credentials


  • Upload a photograph of the certification so that you have all the important details in one place. To add a photo to a credential, just tap the squares labeled Front and Back on the Credential Details screen.
  • Toggle on the This Credential Expires switch to add an expiration date.
    • Set a reminder about the expiration to make sure that you get the certification renewed before it's invalid!
    • To set notifications, just tap Expiration Reminder and select how long before the expiration date you'd like to be notified.
  • Add any other relevant details to your credential, including the name of the training center and the instructor name.

For Android:

To add a credential, head to the Me tab by tapping the person icon, then tap Credentials. Tap the add credential icon in the bottom-right corner or, if you haven't entered a credential yet, tap the message in the middle of the screen.

Search or scroll to find your credentials and tap each one you would like to add to your account. After you've selected each one, you can edit them individually by tapping the credentials one at a time.


  • Upload a photograph of the certification so that you have all the important details in one place. To add a photo to a credential, just tap the squares labeled Front and Back on the Credential Details screen.
  • Select an expiration date on the Calendar modal and then add a Reminder Notice.
    • Set a reminder about the expiration to make sure that you get the certification renewed before it's invalid!
    • To set notifications, just tap Reminder Notice and select how long before the expiration date you'd like to be notified. You can also select a Second Reminder Notice just to be safe!
  • Add any other relevant details to your credential, including the name of the training center and the instructor name.

You can add a profile photo to your account from the Me screen as well. Just tap the blue "Set Profile Photo" button at the top of the screen. You'll be able to either take a new photo or choose an existing one from your camera roll.

Once you've chosen your picture, just press "✓" on Android or "Save" on iOS in the top-right corner!

Managing Your Schedule

To add a shift, head to your Calendar screen.

On iOS: Tap the "+" symbol in the top-right corner to add new shifts.

On Android: Tap the "+" symbol in the bottom-right corner to add new shifts.

Select the worksite you'd like to add the shift for by tapping the Worksite field. Change the event type to whatever kind of shift you would like to schedule (regular shift, charge shift, educational event, etc), then set the shift's start and end times.


  • To add multiple shifts to a day with an event already scheduled, use the "+" icon in the  corner of your calendar screen.
  • You can add as many of the same type of shift at a time as you'd like - just tap multiple days on the calendar at the bottom of the Add Events screen when entering a new shift.

Notes can be added to any existing shift just by tapping on the shift and typing directly in the Notes section of the screen.

iOS Note: When you've entered all of your notes, don't forget to tap "Done" in the top-right corner to save them.

Notes can be edited at any time, and you can always delete your notes if they're no longer relevant. Your colleagues won't be able to see your notes when they view your schedule.


To delete a single shift, just tap the shift you'd like to delete on your Calendar screen.

On the Shift Details screen that appears, simply tap the red text "Delete Shift" and the shift will be deleted. Your calendar will automatically remove the shift and it won't appear on your schedule anymore.

To delete multiple shifts at once tap the gear icon on the Calendar screen.

Then, in the Change Multiple Shifts at Once section, tap Delete Multiple Events. Select the shifts you'd like to delete. Once selected, press "Delete" in the top-right corner. A second notification will appear to confirm you want to delete these shifts. Confirm and your calendar will update accordingly.

With NurseGrid, you can manage your entire schedule right from your smartphone. Add shifts, meetings, and appointments to your calendar using NurseGrid's various shift types.

Work Shifts:

  • Regular Shifts may be your most used shift type unless you typically work as a charge nurse. These shifts will show up on your calendar with:
    • sun for day shifts,
    • setting sun for swing shifts (evening),
    • and a moon for night shifts.

  • Charge Shifts, when you're required to supervise and support a nursing staff, will appear on your calendar with a C in the top-right corner of the day. To enter charge shifts, change the event type to Charge Shift.
  • Preceptor Shifts will be marked with a P in the top-left corner of the day, for those shifts when you're teaching a new graduate or student and fulfilling the dual role of practitioner and educator.
  • Charge and Preceptor Shifts are those crazy days where you're acting as charge nurse and precept! These will show up with a P in the top-left corner and a C in the top-right corner.

Work Events:

  • Education Sessions can be added to your calendar any time, even during a shift! Continuing education and other classes will have a book book icon icon marking them.
  • Meetings, like staff meetings or training, will appear on your calendar as a person person icon icon.
  • Paydays can be tracked on your NurseGrid calendar too! Paydays are marked with a dollar $ icon.
  • Sick Days can also be tracked on your calendar, so you can see when you've had to call out or use sick time. These days will appear on your calendar as an X. Note: Sick days can only be added to existing shifts – you can't schedule a sick day on a day when no shifts are scheduled. To mark a sick day, tap on the date you would like to record as a Sick Day. Tap the Edit button in the top right corner. Tap Event Type. You can then scroll down to Availability and select Sick Day.
  • Overtime Shifts can be added to your NurseGrid calendar by toggling on the "Overtime" switch on any existing shift. Overtime is denoted with an asterisk * icon on your calendar. To mark a shift as OT, simply select the existing shift, scroll to Shift Options, and toggle the Overtime switch.

Personal Events & Vacation Days:

  • Personal Events of any type can be added to your calendar! These events are only visible to you, so you don't need to worry about colleagues being able to see your eyebrow waxing appointment. Personal events are marked with a dot  on your calendar.
  • Vacation Days are important to take – you deserve a break! Enter your vacation on your calendar and it will appear as a  green  highlighter line across the day.

Availability Tracking:

  • Available to Work hours can be entered into your schedule so that your colleagues can see whether or not you'd be able to pick up a shift on a certain day. Days that you're available will be marked with a small flag in the top-right corner of the day.
  • Unavailable Shifts can also be added to your calendar. These will show up with a no  symbol.

Want your manager to know you're available to work this weekend? Just add your Available to Work hours to your schedule and notify your manager.

More of a visual learner? Take a look at our video tutorial on adding your availability to NurseGrid.

The fastest way to add your availability to NurseGrid is to tap any day without a shift on your calendar and then press the Add Available to Work Hours button. Next, select the appropriate worksite, enter the hours you're available to work, and tap on the days that you're free. Finally, just tap Save to add your availability to your NurseGrid calendar.

To add your availability to a day with other events scheduled, tap the add  symbol in the top-right corner of your calendar screen—just like you would to add a regular shift. Select the correct worksite and change the shift type to Available to Work. Enter a start and end time if you'd like, then tap on the days you're available to work on the calendar. When you've finished, tap Save.

Adding Your Availability 1

It is easy to compare schedules with your colleagues on NurseGrid Mobile.

Directions for [iOS]:
Jump to Android

Once you’re connected as colleagues, you can compare other NurseGrid users’ schedules to your own by tapping Colleagues > their name:

Schedule Comparison

From their profile, tap “Compare Your Schedule” at the bottom:

Schedule Comparison

Tap a date to view your shift details:

Schedule Comparison

When done, tap “Exit Schedule Comparison” at the bottom:

Schedule Comparison

Directions for Android:

Once you’re connected as colleagues, you can compare other NurseGrid users’ schedules to your own by tapping Colleagues > their name.

Connect to Colleagues on NurseGrid Mobile Android

From their profile, tap “Compare Schedules” at the bottom.

Tap a date to view your shift details.

NurseGrid Mobile for Android Compare Details

When done, tap “Exit Comparison” at the bottom.

Exit Comparison on Android

Here is a screen record of the same steps:

Compare Schedules with Colleagues on NurseGrid Mobile Android

Pick-Ups and Give-Aways are some of the best features NurseGrid offers! In just a few taps, you can drop a shift or pick one up.

Give Away a Shift

To give away a shift, tap the shift you'd like to give away on your Calendar screen. Then, on the Shift Details screen, simply select Swap or Give Away.

You'll be taken to the Create Give Away screen, where you can select colleagues to offer the shift to, just make sure to select Give Away.

Tap Choose the Colleagues You Wish to Swap With, then choose one or more colleagues in the following screen. Go back to 'Create Swap' and tap 'Send' to initiate the swap.

Create Swap

Once you press Send, your coworkers will receive a notification that a new shift is available to be picked up. Once someone picks it up, you'll be notified in your Activity Feed and then you can approve or deny the pick-up.

Swap with Colleague

Pro-tip: if you're not sure your colleague saw the pick-up request, send them a NurseGrid message to remind them!

Swap a Shift

To swap a shift, select Swap at the bottom of the screen. You'll be taken to the Create Swap page where you can choose the details for the shift you would like to work instead. Once selected, tap Next in the top right corner to select who will have visibility to your swap request. You can toggle on Make swap visible to all colleagues or toggle it off to select specific colleagues with matching events. Tap Send to initiate the swap.

Pick Up a Shift

When a shift give-away has been sent to you, you'll be notified in your Activity Feed in NurseGrid. To respond, just tap the opportunity and press Respond or Decline. Once you've responded, the colleague giving away the shift will be notified and can choose to accept or decline the pick-up.

If the offering colleague accepts your pick-up, you'll be notified and the shift will be added to your calendar automatically.

If the offering colleague declines your pick-up, it will remain open to other coworkers but you will no longer be able to pick up the shift.


When you need to swap a shift with a colleague, NurseGrid makes it easy. Swaps can be sent directly to selected colleagues or sent publicly for anyone to reply to.

Sending a Swap to Selected Colleagues

To send a swap directly to specific coworkers, tap the shift you'd like to swap on your Calendar screen, then select Swap or Give Away.

After tapping Swap or Give Away you will then be able to select Swap on the Create Swap screen that appears; you'll know it's selected if it turns blue. Next, tap any of the days you'd be willing to work on the calendar at the bottom of the screen.

Press Next in the top-right corner and a list of colleagues will appear. These are colleagues that don't work the way you're attempting to swap away, but do work the day you'd rather work.

Select the colleague(s) you'd like to send the swap, then press Send in the top-right corner of the screen.

Create Swap

Swap with Colleague

Those colleagues will receive a notification in their Activity Feed, letting them know that a new swap opportunity is available.

Sending a Public Swap

Just like you would to send a swap directly, tap the shift you'd like to swap on your Calendar screen. Press the orange Swap or Give Away button to be taken to the Create Swap screen.

To send a public swap, don't select any of the days on the calendar in the Select the Days You Would Like to Work Instead section. Press the Next button in the top-right corner of the screen.

On the following screen, again, don't select any colleagues to swap with – just tap Send in the top-right corner. This will send out a public swap opportunity that anyone can respond to.

Accepting a Swap

You can check for swaps at any time on your Calendar screen by tapping the Swaps sub-tab at the top. You and your colleagues will also be notified in your Activity Feed any time someone sends a swap opportunity to you. To view that swap, tap the notification in your Activity Feed and you'll be taken to the Swap Response screen.

If you're unable to take the offered shift, simply press Decline.

If you'd like to respond to the swap, tap the shift you'd be willing to swap away on the calendar below, then press the green Respond button.

The colleague that initiated the swap will be notified that you've responded. They'll be able to review the swaps you offered to switch and decide whether they'd like to work one of those instead of the shift they offered initially. Until they respond to the swap, it will be marked Response Pending.

If they can pick up your offered shift, they'll accept and you'll be notified. The Response Pending status will change to Accepted and your calendar will update automatically, replacing the offered shift with the swapped shift.

If the colleague who initiated the swap declines, the Response Pending status will change to Initiator Declined.

Pro-tip: adding Available to Work hours makes swapping shifts even easier. Encourage your colleagues to add their availabilities, too! Learn how to do that here.

On extra-busy days, it helps to see all of your shifts and appointments at once. NurseGrid's list view now shows you all of your shifts in a traditional agenda format! At a glance, you'll be able to see all of a day's events, along with their start and end times. Icons on the right side of the screen will let you know quickly what kind of event is scheduled.

To switch to list view, just tap the list icon in the top-left corner of your Calendar tab. You can always toggle back to the alternate view by tapping the calendar icon, too.
View Your Schedule

Note: NurseGrid's listview will only show you future events; to see events that have already occurred, please use the original calendar view.

Sharing & Syncing Your Calendar

If your family and friends aren't NurseGrid users, you can share your schedule with them through third party apps!

First, make sure you've switched on the "Enable Calendar Sharing" toggle on the Calendar Options screen.

Then, tap "Share NurseGrid Calendar" on the Calendar Options screen.

 On iOS: Turn on the toggles for each of the worksite calendars you'd like to share. Tap "Share" in the top-right corner, then share your calendar via text message or email! The person you're sharing your calendar with will receive a text or email (whatever you sent) with a subscription link. Clicking that link on a mobile device will add the NurseGrid calendar directly to whatever their default calendar app is. To make sure the NurseGrid calendar stays up to date, they'll need to check their device settings and ensure that their calendar app is set to fetch data. If they access their calendar on a computer, they can simply copy and paste the subscription URL (including the webcal:// prefix) you sent them into their calendar app.

 On Android: From there, you'll be able to select the method you'd like to use to send your schedule to your friends and family – just choose whether you'd like to send it via email, text message, or Facebook. The URL will be pasted into a new message or post and you can send it to whoever you'd like to share your calendar with. The recipient will need to go to Google Calendar, click the dropdown arrow next to "Other calendars" on the left side of the screen, and then select "Add by URL." Once the unique calendar URL is pasted here, click "Add Calendar." Your NurseGrid schedule should then be synced with your friend or family member's Google Calendar! Please note that it may take up to 12 hours for schedules to fully sync with third-party calendars.

To sync with iCal on iPhones and iPads, tap the gear icon near the top-right of the calendar screen. Scroll down to the Calendar Sharing section and make sure that "Enable Calendar Sharing" is toggled on. Then tap "Add NurseGrid to iPhone." Toggle on any worksites you'd like to appear in iCal, then tap "Add" in the top-right corner of the screen.

When the pop-up message appears asking if you'd like to subscribe to the calendar My NurseGrid Shifts, tap Subscribe. A new pop-up message will appear that says "The Calendar 'My NurseGrid Shifts' has been added." If you press "View Events," you'll be taken right into iCal, where you'll see your synced shifts!

You can change what events you see in iCal by tapping on Calendars at the bottom of the screen within iCal.

Don't forget to check your iPhone settings to make sure shifts stay up to date: in your iPhone settings, tap the "Mail, Contacts, Calendar" section, then select "Fetch New Data." Tap "My NurseGrid Shifts" and make sure that "Fetch" is selected with a checkmark symbol.

Syncing to your iPhone's iCal will not cross over to other devices, so if you'd like to sync iCal on your iPad with NurseGrid, you'll need to do so separately.

To sync with iCal on desktops and laptops, in NurseGrid, tap the gear icon and then scroll down and tap "Share NurseGrid Calendar." You'll see a list of all of your worksites with toggles - toggle on any worksites that you'd like to sync with your iCal. Tap "Share" in the top-right corner and the usual iOS sharing options will appear. Go ahead and email yourself the subscription link.

Open iCal on your computer, then click "File." Select "New Calendar Subscription," then simply copy and paste your emailed subscription link into the calendar URL field, including the "webcal://" prefix. Press "subscribe," and your shifts will sync with iCal on your computer!

To sync with an Android or Google Calendar device, tap the gear icon on your Calendar tab to reach the Calendar Options screen. Underneath the "Calendar Sharing" heading, find Google Calendar Sync and tap the toggle to the right. Then, when the gray popup shows, select which Google calendar you want to sync and tap "OK."

android sync 1 android sync 3

If you're unable to sync your calendar through this mechanism, toggle on Enable Calendar Sharing, then tap "Share NurseGrid Calendar." Select a message or email, or "Copy to Clipboard" from your device's options. If you sent the link to yourself, open the message in your messaging or email app and copy the URL provided. Navigate to on your desktop computer and log into the Google account your Android device is connected to. On the left-side menu, find "Other Calendars," then click the drop-down arrow on the right. Select "Add by URL" from the drop-down menu and paste the calendar URL you copied earlier. Finally, click "Add Calendar." The calendar will now appear on the left side of your screen under "Other Calendars."

android sync 2

If these steps do not enable your shifts to sync correctly after 12 hours, we recommend following our resyncing instructions. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to do this. You'll want to use the computer web browser version of Google calendar instead of the app, as the Google calendar app currently has no option to unsubscribe from a calendar.

  1. First, go to NurseGrid and tap the gear icon on your calendar. Switch off the "Enable Calendar Sharing" and "Google Calendar Sync" toggles.
  2. On Google Calendar, go to the settings for the NurseGrid calendar by clicking on the little downward arrow to the right of the calendar and pressing "Calendar Settings." Scroll all the way down and click "Unsubscribe."
  3. Back in the NurseGrid app, turn the "Enable Calendar Sharing" and "Google Calendar Sync" toggles back on.
  4. Select the Google account you'd like to sync with

Need to revoke someone's access to your shared calendar? Tap "Reset NurseGrid Calendar Link" at the bottom of the Calendar Options screen.

You can subscribe to the internet calendar within your Windows Live account. The calendar will show up as a separate calendar under Windows Live Calendar, and it will then by synced to your phone and show up as an integrated calendar on your device.

First, log into the NurseGrid web app at, then enable calendar sharing by clicking "Options" near the top-right of your Calendar screen and scrolling down to toggle on the "Enable Calendar Sharing" switch. Copy "Your Calendar URL."

Log into your Windows Live account from the same computer, then select the calendar. Select the "Subscribe" option, found at the top of the calendar. On the next screen, paste the NurseGrid calendar URL you copied earlier. Once you've set up the subscription in your Windows Live account, the calendar will be synced to your phone and should show up in the phone's calendar.

You can toggle the calendar on and off by opening up the calendar hub and tapping the ... in the lower right corner of the screen. Find the subscribed calendar in the list of available calendars that are synced to the phone and tap the "ON/OFF" toggle button.

Connecting with Colleagues

Adding your colleagues on NurseGrid unlocks all of NurseGrid's features, including giving away and picking up shifts, messaging, and more.

To see which of your colleagues are already using NurseGrid, head over to your Colleagues tab in the app by tapping the "Colleagues" button at the bottom of the screen.

NurseGrid will provide you a list of people you may know, who are all colleagues in your department. To add a colleague, just press the green "+" icon next to each person. Quickly add all of your colleagues at once by pressing Add All.

Colleagues that you add will be notified in their Activity Feed. You won't be connected to added colleagues until they accept your request.

If you'd like to block a colleague, press the red "X" icon. If you do this by mistake, just send us an email and we'll reverse the block for you!


  • Don't see a coworker that you know is part of your department? Invite them to NurseGrid! Click here to learn how.
  • To remove a colleague after adding them:
    • Tap their profile from the Colleagues screen, then press the ellipses "" icon in the top-right corner.
    • Tap the red Remove as Colleague option that appears and confirm that you'd like to remove that colleague.
    • NurseGrid will then remove that person as a connection from your account.
  • Accidentally sent a colleague request? Retract your pending invite by tapping the user you requested and then pressing Cancel Request.


To view a colleague's schedule, just select them from the Colleagues list, or tap their profile picture if they show up on the Shift Details screen of any particular day. You'll be taken to their Profile page, with their NurseGrid schedule viewable in a month view format.

Viewing a Colleague's Schedule

If the user has more than one worksite, you have the ability to filter which worksite you'd like to see by tapping right below "Displaying (user's name) schedule from." By tapping the ... symbol in the top-right corner, you can message them or remove them as a colleague connection.

If you've already searched for your coworkers and friends on the Colleagues tab and don't see them listed, they may not be using NurseGrid yet! Send them an invite by pressing the "+" icon in the top-right corner of your Colleagues screen.

On the Invite screen, press the yellow "Invite Now" button and select how you'd like to invite your coworkers - through email, text message, or Facebook.

Invite Colleagues to NurseGrid

Your phone will automatically open the invite method you picked and populate a message for you with a NurseGrid download link. Edit the text or just send the message off to all of your nurse friends and colleagues, and they'll be able to download the app just by clicking the link!

NurseGrid's built-in messenger is a great way to stay in touch with your coworkers and nurse friends. You can send messages to just one other user, or multiple users at once.

To send a message, tap the Messages button at the bottom of the screen, then press the "+" icon in the top-right corner. Search for or tap any colleagues you'd like to receive the message, then press "Message" to continue.

Type your message into the text field and hit send! Your colleagues will receive your message immediately and, if they have notifications enabled, will receive a new message alert as well. Chat away!

Staying on Track

You can set NurseGrid to notify you about changes in your schedule through app notifications, emails, and text messages.

First, navigate to the menu and select “Me”, then select “Account” and scroll down to the “Contact Information” section. Next, turn on the toggle next to “App Notifications” to receive notifications.

 On iOS: To set up your notifications on iOS, tap the “Me” button on the bottom of your screen, then select “Account”.  To receive notifications, make sure that the “App Notifications” toggle is switched on. Toggle on any of the remaining switches if you'd like to be notified at those email addresses. Heads up: text message notifications are only available for users in departments using NurseGrid Manager.

Account Settings

 On Android: First, navigate to the menu and select “Me”, then select “Account” and turn on the toggle next to “App Notifications” to receive notifications.


NurseGrid allows you to set reminder notifications for shifts, meetings, and events so you never miss anything. To set up notifications, just tap the bell icon in the top-right corner of your calendar screen and turn the Enable Reminder Notifications toggle on. Then simply configure your notifications for each available shift type.

30 Minutes Before

Once you've set up your alerts, you'll receive a push notification on your device before your shifts and events!


Pro-tip: if you aren't receiving push notifications, make sure you've allowed NurseGrid to send you notifications.

Downloading the App

To update your NurseGrid app on an iPhone, go to the App store and navigate to "Today." Tap your profile photo icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then scroll down to the "Available Updates" section. Tap "Update" in the NurseGrid Mobile app. You can tap "Update All" in the top-right corner or tap the "Update" button to the right of each individual app. Your app will begin updating and you can reopen it once the update is complete!

Accessing NurseGrid on Your Computer

You can create an account and access it from anywhere! Simply click here to be taken to the NurseGrid Web App.

This video shows you how to:

  • Add multiple worksites
  • Add various shift types
  • See who is working with you on a shift
  • Delete a shift
  • Indicate you are Charge trained
  • Delete multiple shifts
  • Turn a worksite off (so the shifts are not viewable)


Congratulations on your department adopting NurseGrid Manager! With NurseGrid as your unit’s scheduling tool: your schedule will automatically be sent directly to your app, swaps and give-aways get approved digitally (no more paperwork!), and you'll be notified about and can easily respond to open shifts through NurseGrid, leaving behind the calls and text messages.

Error Adding Worksite

See this error message? Don’t worry! If you aren’t automatically connected to your worksite, your manager will have to add you through NurseGrid Manager using the email address you signed up with. If you’re running into any issues, please email us at and we’ll be happy to get you connected to your worksite!

Work Shifts:

You’ll no longer need to add your own work shifts; your manager will add them for you.

Pro-tip: Work at another facility and want to track your shifts there? Your manager won’t be able to see where you’re working, only that you’re unavailable.


If you see this error message when trying to add a work shift, don’t worry! Your manager will add all of your shifts for you so that you don’t have to.

Open Shifts:

You’ll now be able to tap the “Open Shifts” tab on your main calendar screen or check your notifications to see open shifts that you qualify for! You can even accept part of an open shift.

Pro-tip: if you want to be at the top of the list to pick up open shifts, make sure to add your availability.

Don’t see any open shifts? Be sure to check with your manager that you’re on the list of recipients. You can also send an email to and we’ll be happy to help you!

Adding Availability:

You can now add available to work times in NurseGrid! This is very helpful to your manager, who can see these times on their end and send or schedule you for shifts as needed. To add your availability, simply tap the + sign as you would to add any other event type, then on the Event Details screen tap the Event Type box and select “Available to Work” along with your available hours. These submitted availability entries will show on your NurseGrid calendar as a colored triangle on the top right of the calendar day square. You’ll get a notification if your manager schedules you to work during those submitted times.

Available to Work
The Available to Work are shifts shown inside the red circle.
Personal Events:

You can still add non-shift events such as personal events and availability. Your manager will only be able to see your scheduled shifts. They will not be able to see any of your personal events.

Shift Swaps & Give-Aways:

 You’ll now be able to have your manager approve your shifts and swaps right in NurseGrid! Any swaps or give-aways picked up by a coworker will show as Pending Manager Approval. Once your manager(s) approve the swap or give-aways, you’ll get a notification on NurseGrid and your calendar will automatically update.


Heads up: this shift type is only available to users in a NurseGrid Manager department using the staffing pool functionality.

You can volunteer to be called upon for on-call shifts, which managers using the NurseGrid Manager feature can approve or deny. If you are approved to be available for an on-call shift that day, your manager can send out a call shift to you if/when needed. Available To Be On Call shifts will show with a flag in the bottom left corner of the day.

To make yourself available to be on call, just add a new "On Call" shift. If you're having trouble with creating new shifts, visit our Creating a New Shift guide.

Users in departments using NurseGrid Manager can now pick up just a few hours of an open shift! To accept a portion of an open shift, go to your Open Shifts tab of your Calendar screen, then select the open shift you'd like to pick up. Press the green "Respond" button, then select whether you'd prefer to pick up the full shift or just a part of the shift. If you'd only like to work part of this shift, tap "Partial Shift."

Enter the times you'd like to start and finish working this shift, then press "Claim" in the upper right corner. Your manager will be asked to approve this pick-up; once they've approved, you'll see the shift appear on your Calendar tab!

Those of you mobile users who are in a managed NurseGrid worksite that has requested the use of our on-call feature will be able to post Available To Be On Call shifts. Managers can see how many people are on call for each day and create "Call Shifts." If you get selected for an on-call shift, your marked shift as Available To Be On Call will change to On Call with a white flag in the top right corner of the day.

If your department is using NurseGrid Manager's Staffing Pool, you and all of your colleagues have the option to work at any of the facilities in that staffing pool. Swaps across facilities will require the approval of the manager at each worksite.

To send an interfacility swap, tap the shift you'd like to swap on your calendar. On the Shift Details screen, scroll down and tap the "Swap or Give Away" button. Then, on the Create Swap screen, tap any day(s) you'd like to work instead. Press "next" in the top-right corner and, on the following screen, enter in any relevant details, like the hours you'd like to work. If you'd like to send an open swap to all of your colleagues, leave the start and end times blank.

Choose the colleagues you'd like to send your swap opportunity to. If you want to send a swap to colleagues at another facility, tap the "Staffing Pool" tab at the top of the Recipients screen. As you select colleagues to send the swap to, a blue checkmark will appear next to their names.

Finally, double-check your swap details and then hit "Send" in the top right corner! The colleague(s) you sent the swap to will receive a notification in real time on their device about the swap opportunity. Recipients will also see the swap in their Activity tab. They'll have the chance to accept or decline the swap.

Once your colleague has responded, you'll receive a notification that there's a "Swap Response Pending." You'll be able to decide whether to respond or decline this proposed swap. If you accept, your manager will be notified and the swap status will change to "Manager Response Pending."

When your manager (and the manager at the other worksite, if you're swapping outside your facility) approve the swap, it will appear on both you and your colleague's calendar!

Users in departments using NurseGrid Manager can volunteer to be flexed off for any shift. To volunteer for a flex off, just tap the shift that you're available to be flexed off of on your Calendar screen. On the Shift Details screen that appears, switch on the "Voluntary Low Census" toggle so it turns green.

Your manager or scheduler will now be able to see that you're willing to be flexed off for the shift you indicated. NurseGrid supports both partial and full flex offs.

If a flex off opportunity is available, you'll receive a notification in your NurseGrid Activity Feed. Depending on your notification settings, you'll receive a push notification on your device, an email, and/or a text message notifying you of the flex off.

To accept a flex off, just tap the "New Flex Off Available" notification and press "Accept" or "Decline". Your manager will be notified that you volunteered for the flex off and approve or deny your request. Once the request has been reviewed by the manager, you'll receive a final notification confirming or denying the flex off, and your calendar will update automatically!

New to NurseGrid Mobile? Then check out this quick video to get a glimpse into what NurseGrid offers!

As always, please reach out with any questions you come up with!

Nurses can add an unlimited amount of credentials to their personal NurseGrid Mobile account with photos of the certification, issuance information, and expiration reminders. This information will be available to you a manger as long as the nurse enters them into their account. Here is how they enter a credential:

  1. Select your profile by tapping Me in the bottom right-hand corner and Credentials from the list.
  2. Tap the credentials icon in the top right-hand corner, or in the center of the screen if you don’t have any credentials added yet.
  3. Search or scroll to find your credentials and tap each one you would like to add details to.
  4. After you’ve selected each one, tap Back and select the credential to add details.
  5. Select Edit in the top right corner.
  6. You can take a picture of the front and back of your certification by tapping on the Front photo square and doing the same for the Back photo square.
  7. You can fill in information on the issue date, expiration date, training center information, and two expiration date reminder notifications.
  8. Tap Done when you’re finished and would like to save the information entered.

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