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8 Rules To Pass The NCLEX From A Nurse Who Took All 265 Questions

The NCLEX and I had some good times and some bad times, but mainly just spent a lot of time together. Here are my “8 Rules” if you want to pass the NCLEX- no matter how many questions it takes.

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We Need More Nurses In Healthcare Leadership Positions

There’s an archaic stereotype that looms over the leadership hierarchy of the healthcare industry. That is, that physicians are the leaders, the delegators, the most knowledgeable in the field of medicine. And nurses are the helpers, taking direction from the doctor in charge.

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Go Ahead, Make Plans with NurseGrid

A lot of you have expressed interest in NurseGrid offering you more flexible ways to schedule personal events that impact your professional life. This week we’ve released an update to NurseGrid Mobile that offers you more flexibility and choice in event types.

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Five Reasons to Throw a Nurse Engagement Party

Congratulations, you’re engaged! You feel connected, supported, appreciated, and heard—happy to put your energy into a relationship that promises positive returns. Shouldn’t that be how nurses feel at work? So often, though, they say they feel the opposite.

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Male Nurses: WE ARE… The Ten Percenters

Since 1970, the number of male nurses has more than tripled. We have increased our share of nursing from 2.7% to around 10%.  There’s not many things I can claim to be a minority about, but the absence of a second X chromosome has made me just that in the field of nursing. I’m proud […]

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Don’t Assign Me An Island Shift!

  Dear Nurse Scheduler, please, for all that is good in the world, do not assign me an Island Shift. I realize that your job is an imperfect art, but the dreaded Island Shift should be avoided at all costs.       “Island Shifts” are isolated shifts within a work week. As you well […]