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Take Charge of Your Work Life.

Bring balance and organization to your work life with NurseGrid Mobile.

Put your work schedule in your pocket

NurseGrid is the first of its kind of schedule management app built exclusively for nurses. Entering months of shifts into our calendar takes seconds, and our custom algorithm memorizes your most common shift times to reduce the time it takes to enter future schedules. Add non-work events like meetings and education, customize your calendar with colors and icons, and include multiple worksites in your profile so you can see your entire work schedule at a quick glance.

Sync NurseGrid with all your calendars

NurseGrid makes it easy to see your work schedule at a glance, but we know that your life is about much more than work. That’s why we make it simple to sync NurseGrid with your personal calendar. Create a custom link to your calendar that you can add to third party calendaring apps. Share it with friends and family or take it with you to go in your smartphone calendar.

See who you work with for every shift

This feature is a favorite for nurses. You can connect with colleagues within the same worksite on NurseGrid, or send connection requests to nurse friends in other worksites. Once connected, you and your coworkers will show up in each other’s shift details. See who you work with and when. And you can share schedules with colleagues and friends to coordinate shift changes and personal days outside of your scheduled shifts.

Find out who can swap shifts with you

As nurses, the process of finding someone to trade shifts with has always been a pain. NurseGrid makes swapping shifts and doing shift giveaways fast and easy. Choose the days you can work instead, and NurseGrid will show you a list of all of your coworkers working those days. Send those coworkers a swap request in NurseGrid, and they can accept it with the click of a button. If your department is using NurseGrid Manager, your manager can then approve the swap or giveaway instantly.

Send group and 1:1 messages

Send individual or group messages quickly with NurseGrid’s in-app messaging system. Stay in touch with your coworkers, coordinate days off, or find people to trade shifts with you. Messaging includes push notifications, so you get faster responses without the need to call, text, and email.

Get notified right away about important updates that are relevant to you

NurseGrid turns your smartphone into a powerful schedule change management tool. Trade shifts with colleagues, grab extra work hours, or take advantage of a flex off opportunity during low census all with interactive push notifications. Accepting new shifts adds them directly to your calendar, and you can instantly see who you work with.

Get all your important updates in one place

Whether it’s an expiring credential, a new connection request, or notifications of open shifts, flex off opportunities, and swap and giveaway approvals, your activity feed shows you what you need to know as soon as you log in.

Never let another credential expire

Enter your credentials into NurseGrid and set expiration reminders for yourself so you never miss a shift again. The NurseGrid digital credential passport also lets you share your credentials directly with your manager if your department is using NurseGrid Manager.

Personalize your profile

Set up your worksites, credentials, and the profile information you’ll share with colleagues you connect with. You can also connect with support and manage your account settings right from here.

Customize your worksites

Many nurses work at more than one facility, but existing scheduling apps don’t make it easy to keep all this information organized. With NurseGrid, you can add all your worksites and customize your settings for each so that the information you need is available at a glance.

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See What Nurses Are Saying


Intuitive! Convenience! Finally!! I can see who else is working with me on my scheduled days, and swapping shifts is super convenient. No more emails or texts back and forth. The manager integration is going to be so great and I can’t wait to pitch it to my manager. Thanks for making a useful, easy to use app for nurses!

Andrea 08


Outstanding app! I’d be lost without it! Love that it seamlessly syncs with iCalendar too. The customer service is simply stellar! If you ever have any issues, they solve it and promptly! 2 thumbs up on all counts 🙂



Love it love it love it! It’s sooo easy to put your schedule in, less than a minute! I love that I can see who I’m working with, and convince anyone I can to join!

Tina loves kayak!

Get Your Department On Board

NurseGrid Mobile is even more powerful when your colleagues use it as well. Let’s set up a brief, web-based demo for you to experience how NurseGrid Manager provides a simplified, cloud-based scheduling solution that allows you and your fellow nurses to focus on patient care and work-life balance.