Entering Self-Scheduling

When it’s time for you to self-schedule the NurseGrid app will present a purple banner on the calendar page as well as a notification on

Submitting Self-Scheduling

Shift Type Selection Upon entering self-scheduling you’ll be presented with all shift types you’re able to work. Selecting a shift type will take you to

Editing a Submitted Self-Schedule

After you’ve submitted a self-schedule but while the self-schedule period is still open a calendar and clock icon will appear on the calendar page. Tapping

Locating Your Schedule

Now that you have logged in to your NurseGrid Mobile account, you can click the Calendar icon at the bottom left of your screen to

Add a Credential in the NurseGrid App

Nurses can add an unlimited amount of credentials to their personal NurseGrid Mobile account with photos of the certification, issuance information, and expiration reminders. This

Adding & Sharing Your Availability

Want your manager to know you’re available to work this weekend? Just add your Available to Work hours to your schedule and notify your manager. The

Claim Part of an Open Shift

Users in departments using NurseGrid Manager can now pick up just a few hours of an open shift! To accept a portion of an open


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