Nurse Flare – How to Dress up Your Scrubs This Year

Whether you’re a stethoscope minimalist or a utility belter there is plenty of nurse flare to express yourself and have some fun.

Whether you’re a stethoscope minimalist or clad with a utility belt, there is plenty of nurse flare to express yourself and add some style to your nursing get-up. Well, some may call it style, others may call it a novelty. Whatever you call it, these are a few ways to have fun with your work attire. Complement those scrubs with some of these trending accessories for nurses.

Med Sleeves

Med Sleeves
Med sleeves are a relatively newer piece of nurse flare. They give you an awesome (and warm) way to dress up your scrubs this Winter. The sleeves slip onto your arms easily so you can put them on with no hassle. They come in all your favorite colors, with prints, and graphics. You can even order custom printed sleeves with the design of your choice from NW Scrubs. Med Sleeves will help you stay warm and fresh. 

Stethoscope Charms

Stethoscope Charms
You’ve seen the stethoscope covers, and frankly, they’re overwhelming & push the limits of nurse flare. The covers are a commitment, but there is a way to dress up your stethoscope in a more subtle and meaningful way. Stethoscope charms let you display the season, a good luck, your title, or even just your favorite color. These charms are usually inexpensive meaning they are a good way to add a little detail and color to your day.

Printed Surgical Masks

Printed Surgical Masks
The surgical mask is an ominous thing, but with a little bit of imagination, it can be turned into a light-hearted way to ease any tension… and have fun. These masks are a little harder to find online, but that just means you’ll be extra special if you get your hands on a good one. Check out some simple, printed masks to add to your nurse flare collection right here.

NurseGrid likes to have a good time and share the good stuff we find with you. We’d love to hear about your nurse flare and how you keep it stylish at the workplace! And check out the NurseGrid app while you’re at it.

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Zach Smith

Zach Smith

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