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Nursegrid Adds “Most Requested Feature” to its #1 Rated Nurse Mobile App

Nursegrid Gets Personal! Already the most preferred way for tracking work shifts, Nursegrid's newest feature allows users to create personal calendars in the app.

It was 2015, and our small team was on the verge of launching V1.1 of the Nursegrid mobile app. At the time, there were hardly any startups focusing exclusively on the nursing community, especially technology-based ones. Our mission was to boost the voices of nurses and bedside workers within their institutions. To help them select the scheduling technology that best fit their needs. So, in 2015, we set out to do just that—one mobile download at a time.

The free Nursegrid mobile app was meant to be a bridge between the nurses and their employers. By downloading and using Nursegrid themselves, nurses were telling their bosses that they had found technology that worked for them. What those early Nursegrid users didn’t know was that we were also hard at work developing an enterprise scheduling and management tool that connected to that very app.

It’s been nearly 8 years since we launched the Nursegrid mobile app and we’re now approaching nearly 400k monthly active users, and a 4.9/5.0 rating in the App Store based on 80k reviews. To us, this represents 400k clear messages to hospital administrators: Nurses prefer Nursegrid.

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of our most requested feature: Personal Calendars. Nurses love Nursegrid so much that they have routinely asked for ways to use the main calendaring solution for personal and work events. Our innovative user interface has worked wonders for tracking work shifts, and now it can help nurses track personal events as well.

Last month we rolled out the Nursegrid Watch app as part of our effort to remain the most modern scheduling tool on the market. This watch app enables nurses to access their schedules on Apple and Android smartwatches—another way in which Nursegrid is bringing solutions to where the nurses currently are. Equally innovative, in 2019 we released one of our most popular, user-generated features, Schedule Comparison, which allows two colleagues to stack their schedules and find out when they work together or have days off together.

Work and personal lives are more connected now than ever. With our new Personal Calendar and Smartwatch app, along with integrated enterprise scheduling tools, and a commitment to building for the end user, we’re ecstatic to usher in the next phase of a Nurse Connected Life.

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