How NurseGrid Builds a Strong Nurse User Community

My name is Sarah and I am the Customer Success Manager here at NurseGrid. My role is to make sure our nurses are getting the most out of the NurseGrid solutions and to help them if and when they have questions.
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My name is Sarah and I am the Customer Success Manager here at NurseGrid. My role is to make sure our nurses are getting the most out of the NurseGrid solutions and to help them if and when they have questions. I come from a family of nurses. My mother has been a NICU nurse for over 40 years and most of her friends are nurses. I also spent a decade in healthcare myself, working as a Paramedic and spending eight years in the NICU and the Echo Lab as a Cardiac Stress Technician at Oregon Health & Science University. I have a unique appreciation for the challenges that nurses face every day and have seen first hand the impact that little improvements in a nurse's schedule can make on a day or week. Now that I'm working on products meant to make nurses' work lives easier, I want to share several insights about building a strong user community from my work with our nurse users since we launched NurseGrid last year.

Be Nice, Always. Nurses are the Heart and Soul of Caring.

At NurseGrid, we think it's important to treat nurses with respect, to be kind and empathetic, and to do everything we can to help make their experience with our products a better one. Today, we have over 120,000 nurse users who have entered over 4.5 million shifts and it's growing fast. As we scale our teams and operations it's important that our community trust and value the support they are receiving if they need to interact with us for anything - whether it's to add a specific type of credential to the app or to report something that's not working. We make sure we're tracking every interaction to ensure that we've answered the question to the nurse's expectations and treated them with the respect that they deserve. In the last 90 days, we’ve had a 100% satisfaction rate on our nurse engagements, a figure we track daily on our dashboards as a key metric to gauge our success. There is nothing more gratifying than receiving positive feedback that the experience working with our support team was excellent or simply hearing, as I did from a recent nurse, “Thank you for listening”.

User Feedback Creates Better Products.

I make it a priority to keep track of all user feedback and report it back to my team each week. One of the benefits of communicating with our customers frequently is that they can directly impact the decisions our product and development teams make and they can improve the usability and quality of the app with their input. Early on, I received an email from a user with a suggestion: “It would be nice if you could see at a glance if you were working a day shift or night shift while in the month view, maybe a small sun or moon depending on what time the shift start time is?” In that version of the app, there was no easy way to categorize shifts and while we had thought about this problem, we weren’t sure of how to best visualize those shift types on the calendar. In response to this suggestion, we decided to create the NurseGrid feedback panel, and we surveyed our customers about this specific feature in our first outreach. The feedback we received leaned heavily towards adding icons of a sun for day, setting sun for swing shift, and moon for night to represent the different shift times that can be entered by the user. Customer interactions with our team helped to drive a new feature that is now heavily used and valued by our community.

Positive User Interaction Can Drive Adoption.

At NurseGrid, we believe strongly that every interaction we have with our nurses has the potential to solidify brand loyalty and significantly increase adoption. That has been proven through the user growth we've seen in departments and hospitals where we've communicated with nurses about our products. The personal touches and interactions my team has had with nurses have directly impacted NurseGrid's rate of growth. We’ve seen the time it takes for a single department to grow from 1 nurse to 10 nurses using NurseGrid Mobile decrease significantly in the last 90 days and we believe that our positive interactions with nurses have influenced the improvement.

These examples are only a few from the positive exchange of ideas we are fostering with our end users, nurses. We hope that our emphasis on treating nurses with respect, soliciting frequent feedback, and engaging and interacting with those who are using our solutions will serve us well as we continue to expand the capabilities of NurseGrid Mobile and launch our new product for entire nursing departments, NurseGrid Manager.

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Zach Smith

Zach Smith