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Using Technology to Improve Nurse Satisfaction

NurseGrid Manager allows nurse managers to simplify team communication, staffing, and schedule management, making their departments happier and more productive. Improve nurse satisfaction and retention by empowering staff with technology that makes their work lives easier, while saving managers and facilities time and money.




Communicate with your staff and colleagues in real time on whatever device they’re using.

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Intelligently adjust staffing levels as patient census and nurse availability fluctuate.

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Engage staff in the scheduling process to boost morale and productivity.

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Manage and distribute the department schedule and easily communicate updates.

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Reach the right nurses in real time

Reaching the right nurses quickly can be impossible, leaving managers frustrated and nurses overwhelmed by irrelevant communications. NurseGrid Manager lets you send targeted messages to individuals or groups of nurses on their desktop and mobile devices with messaging and push notifications.

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Facilitate team collaboration

Nurses consistently report that colleague engagement, supportiveness, and teamwork has a big impact on their work satisfaction. Provide your staff with NurseGrid Mobile, a free integrated mobile app they can use to share schedules, swap shifts, respond to open shifts and flex offs, and message each other.

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Collect accurate team availability

Managing overtime and labor costs doesn’t have to be contentious. With NurseGrid, nurses can easily update their willingness to work or be flexed off as it changes, allowing managers to make mutually beneficial staffing decisions.

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Fill open shifts and flex nurses off

Staffing needs change quickly. Immediately notify nurses about open shifts and flex offs based on nurse-indicated availability. NurseGrid can automatically approve the first responses or you can filter them based on business rules or other criteria.

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Enable nurses with more time and flexibility

Managing complex, inflexible schedules is burdensome for nurses and can lead to dissatisfaction and burnout. With NurseGrid Mobile, nurses can quickly and easily initiate shift swaps or giveaways based on their own schedule needs and colleagues’ availability.

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Manage swap and giveaway requests

Manual swap and giveaway request processes waste valuable time for everyone. Get notified immediately when nurses on your team initiate a swap or giveaway request. Approve or deny it and alert your nurses in real time about your decision.

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Manage department schedule

Most scheduling solutions make it hard to disseminate the final schedule and keep staff updated about changes and new events. NurseGrid Manager lets you enter and manage your department schedule once created. Easily disseminate it to staff, handle shift changes, and add new events whenever they occur. Your nurses will always have up to date schedules in their pockets.

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Centralize staffing priorities and contact information

It can be hard to keep track of your department’s staffing and administrative priorities across fragmented systems, but NurseGrid centralizes this information. Visit your dashboard to see who’s working, review pending shift change requests and staffing needs, and identify expiring credentials. Keep track of staff contact and employment information in the staff directory.

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What Our Customers Say
  • NurseGrid’s user experience really sets it apart. My nurses love using the mobile app and Manager makes it so quick and easy for me to access critical information like who’s working each shift and handle real-time schedule changes like filling open shifts and swap requests. It’s a rare technology win-win for our department!

    Ryan Bell, RN, BSN

    Nurse Manager, Surgical Trauma ICU

    Palmetto Health Richland Hospital