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ER Diversion Rates Indicative Of Greater Problem | NurseGrid

ER Diversion Rates have long been used as a tool to help alleviate pressure on ER departments that are at capacity. In recent years, those diversion rates are climbing as demand for ER services increases while supply of care is decreasing. The results are reduced quality of patient care and, as a consequence, higher risk to […]

Articles for Nurses

Managing Hospital Expenses From The Floor

Much as the public may not want to acknowledge it, or even realize it, hospitals are businesses with expenses . As noble and altruistic as their business services are — hospitals still watch their bottom line. Revenues and expenses are just as important to hospitals as they are to Fortune 500 companies but they have […]

Articles for Nurses

How To Make A Nurse App That Nurses Want To Use

How do you make a nurse app that nurses want to use? Get nurses around the country to help you develop and test it! That is exactly what NurseGrid has done. We wanted to develop an app to make life easier for nurses, so we figured it only makes sense if we have actual nurses […]

Articles for Nurses

How The Nursing Shortage Affects Patient Care And Healthcare Services

  It’s no secret that there is a nursing shortage in the United States . As Baby Boomers age, current nurses approach retirement age and fewer students enroll in nursing programs, that shortage is only expected to continue. This has serious repercussions for hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities and the nurses who remain in the […]

Articles for Nurses

Nurses Lack the Apps Needed to Make Their Life Easier

Apps. Nearly a decade in existence, and still a long way to go. It’s Tuesday evening and your friend just texted you letting you know she has an extra ticket to a concert Saturday night. The tickets were hard to come by and you’d love to go, but being a registered nurse who works at […]

Articles for Nurses

Improper Nurse Scheduling Wastes Time and Endangers Patients

  Scheduling should be a dream. For nurses, it’s a nightmare. With over two and a half million in the United States, nurses are one of the nation’s largest workforce segments. Their average salary of around $65,000 makes them fairly well compensated too. However, the physical and emotional stress that the job imparts can sometimes […]


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