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Welcome to the Nurse World – My First Exposure to Nursing and its Impact Today

I never thought I would be so involved in nursing, but I guess I was wrong. Today the passion of my nurse co-workers is aligned with my own, and my dedication to solving healthcare inefficiencies is almost as intense as that phrase sounds. A  few months ago I honestly would not have thought I was going […]

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Turn That Frown Upside Down – Fixing Nurse Dissatisfaction

Nurse dissatisfaction is plaguing our ranks. Not as a direct result of the nurse shortage covered in our last post, but instead as a parallel. The noble life of a nurse is one that often comes seemingly unappreciated by management. In fact, in 2013 Becker Hospital Review reported over 25% of nurses stated having general nurse […]

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Where My Nurses At? – The Nurse Shortage and its Impact

You may or may not have heard about the nurse shortage the US is currently battling. Major metropolitan nurses aren’t feeling the effects yet; however, experts predict that in 10 years the US will be facing a nurse shortage of over 250,000 qualified nurses! As baby boomers cross the ‘senior’ threshold of 65, hospitals will […]

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Reflections of a Startup

The time: circa 2008. The place: Downtown San Francisco, startup central.. As a young startup with rapid growth, we were taking lessons from the Google playbook—scaled back, of course—and were trying to create a great place for our Team to grind.  Given that we were a health, safety and wellness company, one of the things […]

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Meet the Team | The NurseGrid Blog

NurseGrid is an app made for nurses by nurses. We are a group of individuals who have experienced the world of nursing firsthand, and thought to ourselves, “Why can’t it be simpler?” What does it take to quickly upload my shifts to all my electronics, swap shifts with my colleagues, and set reminders on the go […]

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Nurse Memes! Hand-selected from Across the Internet by the NurseGrid Team

NurseGrid is The Nurse’s App. Yeah, you should check it out. Here’s some of our favorite nurse memes!               #MenInNursingSchool #NurseProblems #NurseProblems #NurseLife As a nurse, when all my patients go to sleep at the same time #NurseLife Understaffed and Sad My Only Advice When Nursing Students Ask Me […]

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