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Introducing Schedule Upload for NurseGrid Manager

At NurseGrid, we take pride in developing tools that simplify processes for managers, delight nurses, and benefit whole facilities. We know first-hand what kind of challenges nurse managers face because many of our team members have been in scrubs on a department floor themselves. Our new Schedule Upload feature was developed to help managers get their department schedule online and in the hands of nurses in seconds.

Spreadsheets are a common platform nurse managers use to build their department’s schedule; printing and emailing are the primary ways of distributing it, and most departments have no easy way to ensure staff has an up to date schedule as things inevitably change after it's created. While some schedules are created using hospital-wide scheduling technology, they too can be difficult to distribute. That’s where NurseGrid comes in.  Whether your schedule lives in your hospital's current scheduling technology or on a spreadsheet, NurseGrid can import that schedule and distribute it to your staff in seconds.

Nurse schedule distribution

We want to simplify the process for you and make sure your whole staff benefits from Schedule Upload too. They'll no longer have to wait to see their schedule printed and hung on the wall or in their email inboxes next time they come into work. Now, after a one-time name and shift type match, you can quickly upload your department schedule and sync it with everyone's NurseGrid Mobile calendar. This means your staff members will all see their schedule as soon as it's published through the popular NurseGrid Mobile app.

Life on the floor is rarely predictable. Schedule Upload also gives managers the power to transform a stagnant spreadsheet into the flexible schedule it should be--easy to update as things change and ensure your staff always has the current version on their NurseGrid Mobile calendars. When you need to staff up because someone called in sick or department needs have changed, you'll be able to quickly view and call in staff members available to cover the shift, eliminating the stress of searching your spreadsheet for nurses not working. And any and all changes to the schedule--whether it's assigning someone to an open shift or adding a new event like an education day or potluck--will be reflected on everyone’s calendar.

What really excites us about Schedule Upload is that we've developed this feature largely based on feedback and requests from our customers. We have a lot of fun improving our platforms in ways that benefit our customers--and listening to them is key for us when we're planning our product updates.

We hope you enjoy Schedule Upload and it saves you even more time! Let us know what you think about it, ask a question, or just say hi anytime at


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