Nurse Well-being At Risk: September 2020

The second survey in our series, Nurse Well-being At Risk was conducted in September 2020. Data collected from 12,071 responses painted a picture of silent resilience, pervasive personal neglect, and an industry without solutions to the lifestyle challenges it creates.

Key Takeaways

Nurses genuinely love what they do; a quality rare in most professions.

Results showed that almost eight in ten (79.4%) feel that the work they do is meaningful.

Nurses observed signs of stress, anxiety, and burnout in their co-workers.

Respondents strongly agree that their fellow nurses demonstrate work related signs of stress and anxiety (64.8%) and work-related burnout (58.1%).

Data suggests that nurses may be sacrificing their own well-being for work they feel is meaningful and fulfilling.

41% of nurses rated their career fulfillment highly, yet just 28% scored their personal well-being high.

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