Entering Shifts

How do I enter charge shifts?

Head to the details screen of the worksite where you’re charge trained in the “Me” tab. Once you select Edit and toggle the “Charge Trained” option, you will be able to specify charge shifts when adding new events to your schedule. Tap the toggle next to “Charge” so that it turns blue, which will enable you to enter charge shifts. Just make sure to tap “Done” to save your changes before you exit your worksite details.

Can my manager enter in the schedule for me and my colleagues?

Yes, they absolutely can with the NurseGrid Manager platform! NurseGrid manager is made specifically for managers to upload their schedule, push that schedule out to their staff, send out and approve open or call shifts, and approve swaps. It makes coordinating staff schedules and communicating with staff and managers a lot easier. You can email us for more information.

Can I add personal events to my NurseGrid calendar?

You can absolutely add personal events, meetings, education, and vacation days to NurseGrid! Tap the + sign on the main calendar page like you’re adding a shift. Then tap the Event Type cell, scroll down, and select one of the event types from the Personal or Other categories. You’ll be able to finish scheduling this event as you normally would a shift by selecting the time and tapping on the date(s) in the calendar below.

How do I add notes to my shifts and events?

You can easily add notes to a shift or event by tapping on an existing shift and then tapping on the “Notes” blank area on the event details screen. The keyboard will pop up and you’ll be able to add your notes into your event.

How do I add recurring events to my schedule?

While NurseGrid currently doesn’t have the option to set specific shifts or events to repeat at regular intervals, you can still add routine shifts easily by tapping multiple days on the calendar at the bottom of the Add Events screen, allowing you to enter your shifts for the rest of the year if you’d like!

Can I change the colors of my calendar based on my shift types instead of the worksite?

To help you see which worksite or department to go to for a given shift, NurseGrid uses different calendar colors to designate worksites and their departments where your shift is located. To help determine what shift you’re working at a glance, your shifts will have a sun, sunset, or moon icon to denote the time of day for your shift.

Can I add multiple events on one day?

Yes, you absolutely can! Tap the + button each time to add an event, and in the Event Details screen, you’ll be able to tap any day you want in the calendar below (including days that already have other scheduled events). Days with multiple events scheduled will have an ellipsis (“…”) appear within their square on your calendar. Tap the ellipsis to see all of the events scheduled for that day.

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