Nurse Well-being in the Face of an Ongoing Pandemic: A Survey

Since the spring of 2020, NurseGrid™ has actively been tracking the impact COVID-19 has had on nurses through a series of surveys. The initial Nursing Professionals Pulse Survey, released in April 2020, focused on personal concerns, confidence, and the equipment shortages clinicians were incurring. Additional Pulse surveys were conducted in September 2020 and January 2021, tracking these issues as well as new items such as the overall sense of well-being and fulfillment within the nursing profession.

The objective of this September 2021 update is to revisit these issues with active users of NurseGrid and trend changes in opinion since the three previous surveys. When this survey was conducted, healthcare organizations were absorbing the brunt of a Delta variant surge in COVID-19 that has led to hospitals reaching the limitations of their patient capacity and staffing resources to care for patients, who are mostly unvaccinated. As a result, hopes of an early end to the pandemic in mid-2021 have been dashed, and the fear of a continued surge through the remainder of 2021 looms over healthcare providers and executives alike.

Over 10,000 nursing professionals in all 50 states responded to the survey in late August and early September 2021 to communicate perspectives on their well-being, COVID-19, and the toll the pandemic has on themselves and their colleagues. The survey was administered by NurseGrid, the leading mobile app for nurses. The survey results were analyzed by HealthStream™, NurseGrid’s parent company.