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How to Update Your NurseGrid Profile
How to Add or Delete a Worksite
How to View Multiple Worksites at Once
How to Add a Shift
How to Add Different Types of Shifts
How to Add a Charge Shift
How to Enable App Notifications in NurseGrid
How to Sync NurseGrid to Your iPhone
How to Add, Manage, & Delete Credentials
How to Add Colleagues
How to Invite Friends & Coworkers to NurseGrid
How to Offer a Shift for Pick-up
How to Pick up an Available Shift
How to Respond to a Pick-up Offer
How to Create an Open Swap
How to Offer a Swap to a Colleague
How to Respond to a Swap Request from a Colleague
How to Respond to an Open Swap Request
How to Enter Your Availability in NurseGrid
How to Send a Message in NurseGrid
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I’m not a nurse. Can I still use NurseGrid? NurseGrid was built by nurses for all kinds of healthcare workers including CNAs, LVNs, RTs, PAs, and more. While the app is called NurseGrid, we have tons of users who aren’t nurses that find the app valuable. We understand there are

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How do I connect with colleagues in another department or facility? You can search for colleagues and other nurse friends by navigating to the Colleagues tab and typing your colleague’s name in the search box. Once you find the colleague you want to connect with, tap the green + sign

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Entering Shifts

How do I enter charge shifts? Head to the details screen of the worksite where you're charge trained in the "Me" tab. Once you select Edit and toggle the "Charge Trained" option, you will be able to specify charge shifts when adding new events to your schedule. Tap the toggle

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