[iOS] Adding Colleagues Already Using NurseGrid

Adding your colleagues on NurseGrid unlocks all of NurseGrid's features, including giving away and picking up shifts, messaging, and more.

To see which of your colleagues are already using NurseGrid, head over to your Colleagues tab in the app by tapping the "Colleagues" button at the bottom of the screen.

NurseGrid will provide you a list of people you may know, who are all colleagues in your department. To add a colleague, just press the green "+" icon next to each person. Quickly add all of your colleagues at once by pressing Add All.

Colleagues that you add will be notified in their Activity Feed. You won't be connected to added colleagues until they accept your request.

If you'd like to block a colleague, press the red "X" icon. If you do this by mistake, just send us an email and we'll reverse the block for you!


  • Don't see a coworker that you know is part of your department? Invite them to NurseGrid! Click here to learn how.
  • To remove a colleague after adding them:
    • Tap their profile from the Colleagues screen, then press the ellipses "" icon in the top-right corner.
    • Tap the red Remove as Colleague option that appears and confirm that you'd like to remove that colleague.
    • NurseGrid will then remove that person as a connection from your account.
  • Accidentally sent a colleague request? Retract your pending invite by tapping the user you requested and then pressing Cancel Request.


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