Deleting a Shift

To delete a single shift, just tap the shift you'd like to delete on your Calendar screen.

On the Shift Details screen that appears, simply tap the red text "Delete Shift" and the shift will be deleted. Your calendar will automatically remove the shift and it won't appear on your schedule anymore.

To delete multiple shifts at once tap the gear icon on the Calendar screen.

Then, in the Change Multiple Shifts at Once section, tap Delete Multiple Events. Select the shifts you'd like to delete. Once selected, press "Delete" in the top-right corner. A second notification will appear to confirm you want to delete these shifts. Confirm and your calendar will update accordingly.

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Notes can be added to any existing shift just by tapping on the shift and typing directly in the Notes section of the screen. iOS Note: When you've entered all of your notes, don't forget to tap "Done" in the top-right corner to save them. Notes can be edited at

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