NurseGrid Expands Capabilities by Adding a Personal Calendar Feature to Help Nurses Manage Work-Life Balance

NurseGrid™, the number one rated app for nurses, announced today that it is introducing a new personal calendar feature. With their work and personal lives so interconnected, nurses can now easily manage all their shifts and personal events in one calendar view in NurseGrid. In addition, the personal calendar feature gives NurseGrid users a holistic view of when they can pick up extra shifts, swap shifts to help others, which days to schedule themselves, and what’s scheduled during days off.

The NurseGrid Personal Calendar feature allows users to:

  • Track both work shifts and personal events in one calendar view
  • Enter and manage personal events
  • Organize the look and feel of their personal calendar
  • Maintain privacy; events on the personal calendar are not shareable

“The personal calendar feature has been highly requested among the community of NurseGrid users as a way to balance work availability and personal time. For nurses, this is now more important than ever,” says Zach Smith, BSN, R.N., NurseGrid founding member. “Our team is focused on innovations to enhance the work-life balance of nurses, and we are the first app to help nurses fully connect their work and personal calendars all in one place.”

Now, NurseGrid users can go to the “Add an event/shift” section in the app and create a personal calendar, in addition to adding their work shifts. While work schedules in NurseGrid can be shared with their connections, personal calendars in the app remain private.

To use the Personal Calendar feature, users should download the most up-to-date version of the NurseGrid app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Learn more on our product page.

Since its launch, NurseGrid has become a viral hit among nurses, with hundreds of thousands of nurses relying on the free mobile app as a better way to access schedules, see shift teams, connect with colleagues, manage swaps, open shifts, and flex-offs. NurseGrid has a 4.9-star rating in the Apple App Store with over 80,000 reviews. In May 2022, NurseGrid launched smartwatch functionality, available on Apple Watch or Wear OS Watch, enabling users to see their calendar, shift details, and available swaps directly from their smartwatches.

Nurses can download NurseGrid for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

About NurseGrid

NurseGrid™ is the #1 rated scheduling app for nurses. Designed for nurses by nurses, NurseGrid helps staff, departments, and entire organizations with schedule distribution and communication. Nurses can easily access and manage their schedules, see who they are working with, and connect with their colleagues to manage swaps, open shifts, and flex-offs. NurseGrid is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play. NurseGrid Manager, a companion product, helps units, departments and healthcare organizations create and manage schedules for entire teams and facilities. The NurseGrid app and NurseGrid Manager are products by HealthStream, Inc. as part of its Scheduling & Capacity Management solution group.