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You Might Find Your Next Job on NurseGrid

Whether you’re fresh out of nursing school or a seasoned veteran looking for something new, finding the nursing job you want can be a challenge.

As a nurse, chasing down and applying to the job you want can be tedious and frustrating. Members of our team with nursing backgrounds have spoken to the challenges of clicking through multiple hospital and clinic websites filling out lengthy, redundant applications – and often never hearing back!

We wanted to create something for our users that took the pain out of the job search and application process. So over the past couple months we’ve been working on a feature we’re excited to announce: NurseGrid Jobs.

NurseGrid Jobs is a new section in NurseGrid for iOS (coming soon to Android) designed to help make it easy for nurses to find job opportunities they’re interested in and apply directly from the app, without leaving their mobile phones.

As you explore this new feature, keep in mind that our list of jobs is brand new. There might not be any jobs in your area at launch, but we’re working hard with partners to get more jobs into the app each week. So be sure to give us your feedback if you want to see more jobs in your area and stay tuned!

Browse Relevant Job Listings:

Nursing Job Listings and Filters | NurseGrid
You'll find Jobs in your Me tab. Filter your listings by geography and specialty – we'll save your filters for the next time you search.

Apply with Just One Tap:

NurseGrid Nursing Job Application
We pre-populate your NurseGrid profile information and save any updates you make so you can submit each application with just one tap!

Though nurses are undeniably in high demand, both nurses and employers face challenges when matching nursing talent to appropriate roles. While nurses often face hurdles in landing positions that are the best fit for them, hospitals and other healthcare facilities similarly face challenges in filling open positions with the most qualified nurses.

Placing a nurse, of course, is only a portion of the investment a hospital makes in its staff. Training can run in the tens of thousands of dollars for a new nurse, which makes it important to retain staff members. Retention is a science in itself, but it always starts by matching the right nurse to the right job, thereby increasing the chances of success for both parties from day one. NurseGrid Jobs aims to remove some of the friction typically associated with the job search and recruitment processes and help qualified nurses find jobs they're excited about, creating value for both nurses and the organizations they go on to work for.

NurseGrid has been the best way to keep track of your schedule and connect with colleagues for some time. With NurseGrid Jobs we’re just beginning to expand the tools we plan to make available to nurses to make your lives easier.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas! Use the comments below to let us know where you'd like to see job listings or if you have any feedback about the application process, or shoot us a note anytime at