[VIDEO] You'll Never Hear a Nurse Say This Word

We made a short video for nurses about the infamous blacklisted word that all nurses know not to say. Trust us, you'll never hear a nurse say this word.
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You may hear a nurse say many things… This is not one of them.

We thought making a short video about the blacklisted word would be funny because each of us has personal experience with it. You'll also never hear a nurse say that they are 100% satisfied with their scheduling system at work, which is why we built a better way. Get free access to our shiny new app by clicking here!

NurseGrid is the first scheduling and communication app built exclusively for nurses, by nurses. The NurseGrid App operates independently of any existing hospital systems, which means any nurse can use it to save countless hours managing your personal work schedule.

Many of the NurseGrid App's best features get unlocked when you invite your colleagues to download the app as well. Once your colleagues join, you can see each other's work schedules, send private messages, and quickly find people who can work for you when you need to swap a shift. Never again deal with the usual headache of phone calls/emails/texts to complete a shift swap! Inviting your colleagues is easy through our Facebook and email integrations.

NurseGrid is founded by RNs, and our mission is to help nurses take control of their work life. As nurses, we got tired of how much time it took to manage our work schedules, so we decided to make a better way for all nurses.

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Zach Smith

Zach Smith

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