Fixing Nurse Dissatisfaction in Healthcare

As the industry shifts dramatically, nurse dissatisfaction reaches all-time highs. However, nurse dissatisfaction is something that can be fixed if we try.

Nurse dissatisfaction is plaguing our ranks. Not as a direct result of the nurse shortage covered in our last post, but instead as a parallel.

The noble life of a nurse is one that often comes seemingly unappreciated by management. The Becker Hospital Review reported over 25% of nurses stated having general nurse dissatisfaction, and some 30% claimed to have experienced burnout. These numbers are alarming amongst the ranks of our virtuous nurses.

Among the nearly 3,000 nurses surveyed, the top causes of dissatisfaction were unsupported by management and work overload. 31% of respondents claimed that either unsupportive management or work overload/poor nurse-to-patient ratio was the top reason for job stress and nurse dissatisfaction. These are worrying problems inside of hospitals and care centers. The bright side is that these problems are easy to address. Stakeholders have begun to recognize and register that job-related stress is mounting for nurses, but no major moves have been made.

In particular, fast-paced and complex hospital environments don’t make it any easier to inflict change, but there is hope! Hospitals and hospital systems companies are looking towards solutions to these problems, specifically nurse staffing and scheduling. The large enterprise-class software players like Kronos and Cerner have introduced real-time scheduling functionality into their platforms. Some players like Shiftwise and Onshift have even begun to stretch their scheduling products to mobile platforms. After all, 80-90% of nurses are using smartphones to organize the rest of their lives. It’s functionality like this that can start to make a real difference in the balanced lives of nurses.

Regarding the connection between nurses and their management, let’s work together! Nurse managers, tools to help you let those hard-working nurses of yours know you love them are coming soon.

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Zach Smith

Zach Smith

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