2019 Nursing Insights

NurseGrid's 2019 Nursing Insights Study

NurseGrid’s 2019 U.S. Nursing Insights Study highlights several trends occurring in the nursing profession surrounding scheduling, staffing, and job satisfaction.

Healthcare technology is outdated and leading to increased frustration and burnout. On the front lines of healthcare, nurses make up the largest cohort of clinicians, but are not often consulted about new processes or technologies purchased for facilities. Over 60% of nurses report feeling burned out at their jobs and about half of nurses are considering leaving the field.

We surveyed 2,200 nurses in our community to understand the current state of nursing and how to help increase job satisfaction and retention.

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About the Survey

NurseGrid surveyed 2,200 nurses to learn about their experiences, frustration, and dreams for the nursing profession. 90% of respondents were female. 28% were between the ages of 21-29, 28% between the ages of 30-39, 21% between 40-49 and 21.6% were 50 or older.