NurseGrid for Web: Your Nurse Life Your Way

Can't wait for the mobile app? NurseGrid for Web has you covered, allowing you to enjoy all the features of NurseGrid's mobile app on a bigger screen.

Managing your nurse schedule should never be a hassle, so why can it sometimes feel so difficult to swap a shift with a colleague, see who you're working with during a shift, or even keeping track of expiring certifications? The wait is almost over and soon enough, NurseGrid will have you covered. Whether on the go or at home, our team has developed NurseGrid for Web that serves to make scheduling for nurses easier than ever before.


Simple & Easy to Use

NurseGrid for Web removes a great deal of the hassle of managing your schedule. Create your account with your e-mail, and you'll be ready to start adding your shifts in a matter of minutes.

Managing Your Schedule Has Never Been Easier

On your homepage, quickly see your upcoming shifts, as well as any potential shift swaps available in your department. Customize your calendar between different work-sites, and create groups so you can see when your nurse friends are working!

Finally, a Calendar Designed Specifically for Nurses

Let's face it, we nurses can work shifts unique from most other professions, so we have created a calendar with this specifically in mind. With inputting shifts only the push of a button away, your calendar has never been easier to use and even share!

Swapping Shifts in the Blink of an Eye

Never again will you have to send mass texts and e-mails or call each of your colleagues to swap a shift. With NurseGrid, you can easily see and offer up specific shifts, making shift swapping an on-the-fly experience unlike ever before.

A Match Made in Heaven

A bigger screen isn't the only reason to use NurseGrid for Web. All information and activity in NurseGrid for Web automatically syncs with your account on NurseGrid Mobile, ensuring that you can take your calendar with you wherever you go.

We're getting closer and closer to the release of NurseGrid for Web, so be on the lookout for a notification from the web screen, and be the first to experience why managing your busy life as a nurse will never be the same.

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Zach Smith

Zach Smith

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