How to Recruit the Best Nurses

How to Recruit the Best Nurses

It’s no secret that the world is looking for quality, reliable nurses to fill a range of healthcare positions. In fact, the nurse practitioner is currently one of the most in-demand jobs in the country, coming in at number seven. That’s in addition to other healthcare-related jobs like physical therapists and medical service managers. Clearly, the country’s demand for healthcare providers shows no signs of slowing down. But this peak demand is making it difficult for nurse managers to find the help they need on the floor. Learn how nurse managers can find and hire the best nurses around.

Fix Company Reviews

Websites like Glassdoor are increasing transparency in the workplace. Current and former employees are now free to leave reviews of their employer, commenting on the working conditions, pay, and how they were treated on the job. This means that nurses managers need to do everything they can to make sure their facility earns positive reviews. They should encourage their successful employees to leave uplifting comments online about the job.  Nurse managers should get in the habit of checking websites like Glassdoor to see how they compare to hospitals and doctor’s offices nearby. Overall, they should try to promote their facility as a welcoming environment that will appeal to a wide swath of talent.

Host a Class or Seminar for Aspiring Students

Nursing students can turn into some of the best nurses down the road, so nurse managers should try to get their foot in the door with this young pool of applicants as soon as possible. They can supplement a local university’s curriculum by offering a special class or seminar for students currently enrolled in nursing school. They should try to find a compelling topic for the class that’s sure to attract lots of aspiring nurses. This gives nurse managers an opportunity to make a strong first impression on young talent, hinting that they should come work for them once they graduate.

Partner with Universities

Sometimes it’s best to go straight to the source. Universities are pumping out new graduates every four months, so it makes sense that nurse managers would try to capitalize on this opportunity. They can reach out to local universities with accredited nursing programs and host an info session about what it’s like to be a working nurse. They can also look into setting up internship opportunities where nursing students can get some practical, on-the-job experience.

Simplify Your Hiring Process

No one wants to jump through a maze of hoops when applying for a job, especially if it’s an entry-level job that doesn’t require a lot of experience. If a nurse manager is competing with other healthcare facilities in terms of recruiting talent, they should try to simplify the hiring process as much as possible. Of course, managers should still thoroughly vet candidates, but making them sit through hours of interviews can limit the appeal of the job. Simplifying the hiring process makes the applicant feel that the manager values their time.

Nurse managers face stiff competition when recruiting talent. To attract top-tier talent, managers should make their facility stand out as a friendly, nurturing environment where employees feel respected and see opportunities to grow.