How to Make a Nurse App That Nurses Want to Use

NurseGrid is a revolutionary new app that uses mobile technology to bring RN shift scheduling into the 21st Century. A nurse app for nurses, by nurses.
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How do you make a nurse app that nurses want to use? Get nurses around the country to help you develop and test it! NurseGrid has done just that. We wanted to create an app to make life easier for nurses, so we figured it only makes sense if we have actual nurses involved in the development and testing of the app. After all, who knows better than nurses on the floor what their scheduling needs and challenges are?

Developed by Nurses, for Nurses

NurseGrid's development team consists primarily of healthcare professionals who, together, have over 30 years of experience in the healthcare profession and as entrepreneurs.

NurseGrid founder and CEO, Joe Novello IV, is a seasoned nurse and Silicon Valley entrepreneur who ran with the idea of developing a streamlined process that utilized today's mobile technology and cloud computing to make nurse scheduling easier. Together with Zach Smith, an active nurse with a background in corporate video marketing, and Aloysius Fobi, an emergency medicine physician and entrepreneur, the three developed NurseGrid.

The app works with mobile phones to allow nurses to communicate and share schedules with their colleagues, friends, and family. Best of all, it is all done in real time, so you know you are always working with the most current scheduling data.

Features Nurses Love

NurseGrid allows nurses and shift managers to enter, manage, and share shift schedules with all users in their department - in one place, at one time. Thus, NurseGrid simplifies shift scheduling for individual nurses while simultaneously eliminating scheduling conflicts and confusion within the department.

Nurses love the ease with which they can swap schedules or communicate with their colleagues from within the app. With just one glance at the easy-to-read calendar, users can see when they are working and with whom they are working. If a swap is needed, the app will intelligently provide a list of all the nurses who are available to swap that day. With a touch of a button, the nurse can then message one or all of those colleagues! Group messaging and manager notification ensures that everyone who needs to know about the schedule change knows about it.

Register for NurseGrid Today

Sign up at for the possibility of being a NurseGrid Beta Tester and be among the first to start using this exciting new scheduling and communication tool. Hospital departments can subscribe to NurseGrid for the expanded version with a Manager Portal via a monthly subscription.

We have many nurses around the country who are just waiting to download the app, share it with their colleagues and spread it through their departments. Will you join them? Visit to learn more or to register as a beta tester.

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Zach Smith

Zach Smith

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