How NurseGrid Makes a Difference

How NurseGrid is Saving Hospitals Time, Money, and Turnover

We know that NurseGrid makes a difference. We know because our founders are nurses who built NurseGrid’s tools and technology to solve various problems they experienced while working in hospitals and healthcare facilities. They know first-hand how frustrating scheduling and communicating can be, so they set out to fix it. However, we don’t just expect you to take our word for it, so here’s a look at how NurseGrid is helping hospitals save time, money, and turnover.

We looked at 100 NurseGrid accounts across the nation to see how much time and money we were saving them, and how our technology made an impact. Take a look at what we found:

Satisfaction and Retention

How NurseGrid Saves Hospitals Money

Dissatisfaction with the schedule is one of the top reasons nurses leave their jobs. It costs a hospital an average of $58,400 in turnover per nurse. The good news is that 85% of nurses we surveyed said that if their department used NurseGrid, it would make it a more appealing place to work. And 89% of nurses in departments already using NurseGrid Manager said its implementation has made them more satisfied.


Fill Staffing Holes with NurseGrid

Managers using NurseGrid decreased the amount of time spent filling open shifts by 52%. This gives them more time to manage and less time doing time-consuming skill-less tasks. They also saved an average of $1,519 on open shift management. We like to think it saves them a lot of headaches too.

NurseGrid also helps managers keep up with the constant flow of swap requests. Hospitals using our technology spent 73% less of their time on swaps compared to old processes. With the vast amount of swaps that can come in, some managers have to set aside half of their Friday just to process them. With NurseGrid, it takes just a few clicks.

Using our tools, the average department reported saving 19 hours a month creating open shifts and prevented 1,170 phone calls, text messages, or emails from being made. This decreases a significant amount of noise for the staff while saving managers a large amount of time.

We take pride in knowing we are helping nurses be more satisfied and more efficient at work. We also love that our tools are helping hospitals save time, money, and turnover. To learn more about the difference we can make at your facility, take a look here. If you’d like to talk to someone about how we can make an impact for you, set up a time to chat here.