7 Reasons You Should be Using the NurseGrid App to Manage Your Schedule

7 Reasons You Should Use NurseGrid to Manage Your Schedule

Are you struggling to keep track of your constantly-changing schedule? Want to easily swap or pick up extra shifts? Can you share your work shifts easily with friends and family? For years, hospitals have used outdated schedule distribution processes, making it hard for nurses to effectively balance their work and life.

Here’s how the nurses, designers, and engineers behind NurseGrid modernized processes for healthcare scheduling and staffing.

1. Keep Your Work Schedule in Your Pocket

NurseGrid Mobile puts your schedule at your fingertips! Our App, built exclusively for nurses, makes it easy to see your entire day, week, and month at a glance. Bring your scheduling into the 21st century and say goodbye to paper spreadsheet schedules.

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2. Add Shifts in Seconds

Enter months of shifts into the calendar in seconds, or have them added by your scheduler with NurseGrid Manager. Our custom algorithm memorizes common shift times for easy input. Add non-work events like meetings and education, customize your view with colors and icons, and include multiple worksites in your profile to see your entire work schedule at a glance.

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 3. See Who You Work With

See who you work with and when, and share your schedule with colleagues to coordinate shift changes and hangout days. Connect with friends at your worksite, and send connection requests to friends at other worksites.

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4. View Your Colleagues’ Schedules

As nurses, the process of finding someone to trade shifts with has always been difficult. NurseGrid makes swapping shifts and doing shift giveaways fast and easy. Send coworkers swap requests in NurseGrid where they can accept it with the click of a button. If your department is using NurseGrid Manager, your manager can approve the swap or giveaway instantly.

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5. Customize Your Schedule & Worksites

Many nurses work at more than one facility, but existing scheduling apps are not equipped to handle this simple need. With NurseGrid, you can add all your worksites and customize your settings for each so that the information you need is available at a glance.

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6. We’ve Got Bonus Features

As if revolutionizing schedule management wasn’t enough, we take it 5 steps further. With NurseGrid Mobile you can message colleagues, track credentials, set "Available to Work" for your manager to see, sync with all of your calendars, personalize your profile, and more.

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7. Because It’s Free!

We’re positive you will love the ease and convenience of having your schedules all in one place, and always accessible. Download it for free today to give it a try! We have a feeling you won’t regret it.

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