Syncing NurseGrid with iCal on iPhone, iPad, & MacBook

To sync with iCal on iPhones and iPads, tap the gear icon near the top-right of the calendar screen. Scroll down to the Calendar Sharing section and make sure that "Enable Calendar Sharing" is toggled on. Then tap "Add NurseGrid to iPhone." Toggle on any worksites you'd like to appear in iCal, then tap "Add" in the top-right corner of the screen.

When the pop-up message appears asking if you'd like to subscribe to the calendar My NurseGrid Shifts, tap Subscribe. A new pop-up message will appear that says "The Calendar 'My NurseGrid Shifts' has been added." If you press "View Events," you'll be taken right into iCal, where you'll see your synced shifts!

You can change what events you see in iCal by tapping on Calendars at the bottom of the screen within iCal.

Don't forget to check your iPhone settings to make sure shifts stay up to date: in your iPhone settings, tap the "Mail, Contacts, Calendar" section, then select "Fetch New Data." Tap "My NurseGrid Shifts" and make sure that "Fetch" is selected with a checkmark symbol.

Syncing to your iPhone's iCal will not cross over to other devices, so if you'd like to sync iCal on your iPad with NurseGrid, you'll need to do so separately.

To sync with iCal on desktops and laptops, in NurseGrid, tap the gear icon and then scroll down and tap "Share NurseGrid Calendar." You'll see a list of all of your worksites with toggles - toggle on any worksites that you'd like to sync with your iCal. Tap "Share" in the top-right corner and the usual iOS sharing options will appear. Go ahead and email yourself the subscription link.

Open iCal on your computer, then click "File." Select "New Calendar Subscription," then simply copy and paste your emailed subscription link into the calendar URL field, including the "webcal://" prefix. Press "subscribe," and your shifts will sync with iCal on your computer!

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