[iOS] Swapping Shifts

When you need to swap a shift with a colleague, NurseGrid makes it easy. Swaps can be sent directly to selected colleagues or sent publicly for anyone to reply to.

Sending a Swap to Selected Colleagues

To send a swap directly to specific coworkers, tap the shift you'd like to swap on your Calendar screen, then select Swap or Give Away.

After tapping Swap or Give Away you will then be able to select Swap on the Create Swap screen that appears; you'll know it's selected if it turns blue. Next, tap any of the days you'd be willing to work on the calendar at the bottom of the screen.

Press Next in the top-right corner and a list of colleagues will appear. These are colleagues that don't work the way you're attempting to swap away, but do work the day you'd rather work.

Select the colleague(s) you'd like to send the swap, then press Send in the top-right corner of the screen.

Create Swap

Swap with Colleague

Those colleagues will receive a notification in their Activity Feed, letting them know that a new swap opportunity is available.

Sending a Public Swap

Just like you would to send a swap directly, tap the shift you'd like to swap on your Calendar screen. Press the orange Swap or Give Away button to be taken to the Create Swap screen.

To send a public swap, don't select any of the days on the calendar in the Select the Days You Would Like to Work Instead section. Press the Next button in the top-right corner of the screen.

On the following screen, again, don't select any colleagues to swap with – just tap Send in the top-right corner. This will send out a public swap opportunity that anyone can respond to.

Accepting a Swap

You can check for swaps at any time on your Calendar screen by tapping the Swaps sub-tab at the top. You and your colleagues will also be notified in your Activity Feed any time someone sends a swap opportunity to you. To view that swap, tap the notification in your Activity Feed and you'll be taken to the Swap Response screen.

If you're unable to take the offered shift, simply press Decline.

If you'd like to respond to the swap, tap the shift you'd be willing to swap away on the calendar below, then press the green Respond button.

The colleague that initiated the swap will be notified that you've responded. They'll be able to review the swaps you offered to switch and decide whether they'd like to work one of those instead of the shift they offered initially. Until they respond to the swap, it will be marked Response Pending.

If they can pick up your offered shift, they'll accept and you'll be notified. The Response Pending status will change to Accepted and your calendar will update automatically, replacing the offered shift with the swapped shift.

If the colleague who initiated the swap declines, the Response Pending status will change to Initiator Declined.

Pro-tip: adding Available to Work hours makes swapping shifts even easier. Encourage your colleagues to add their availabilities, too! Learn how to do that here.

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