Prioritize Nurse Wellness with NurseGrid’s Shift Reflection

For leaders and managers, nurse wellbeing and mental health is a top priority; that’s why Shift Reflection has been carefully developed for your nursing staff.

Featuring an easy-to-use, 1 through 10 rating system and user-friendly interface, Shift Reflection is built for your entire staff.

A Feature Built to Foster Nurse Wellness

Encourage your nurses to use Shift Reflection when transitioning from a shift to off-duty or soon after, so they can truly reflect on the entire memory of the shift. Helping them develop this habit is a simple way to support nurse wellness and mental health among your entire staff.

All of the data entered is completely private, secure, and stored within the NurseGrid app, so your team can feel safe to process and express themselves after any shift — good or bad.

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With NurseGrid’s Shift Reflection, nurses can:

Rate your Shift

Built by Industry Leaders, Designed for Your Team

As a leader, your team is looking to you for guidance and support. Helping them to create a habit centered around self-care, mental health, and emotional wellness is another way you can help care for your nursing staff.

Shift Reflection is easy to find. Just point them to the NurseGrid app, find the “Me” tab, and select “Shift Reflection.”

Shift Reflection was developed with Teri Pipe, Ph.D., RN, Arizona State University’s Chief Well-Being Officer and founding director of ASU’s Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience. This feature has been carefully created to help healthcare leaders care for their staff at a deeper level by making it simple to encourage their nurses to take the time to transition out of work and process events from their workday.

From emotions that might have come up to labeling their greatest work challenges, Shift Reflection is a dedicated space for nursing staff to rate their shift, contemplate their time working, and foster self-care and wellness.

Improve the Emotional Health of Your Nurses

NurseGrid is committed to its mission of finding new ways to support and care for nurses across the country. This addition of Shift Reflection is just another step to honor that mission and those working hard within the healthcare industry.

Whether you’re a nurse, a nurse manager, or a leader in healthcare, take a few moments today to learn more about Shift Reflection and how it can help support your staff. Learn more here.

Shift Reflection is built to:

Nurses can download NurseGrid for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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