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Take back your valuable time with Nursegrid™ Manager

Users save an average of 20 hours per week with schedule management. Ready to get started? The quick onboarding process will have you up and running in hours, not months.

reduction in
manager time spent
filling open shifts
40 %
of nurses
report higher
job satisfaction
40 %
calls, texts,
and emails
> 990

Save time.
Increase employee satisfaction.

  • Keep up with the constant flow of swap requests. Nurse managers reported 73% time saved compared to old processes.
  • Empower nurse managers to shift their focus back to managing. After implementing Nursegrid, managers now spend 75% less time working on the floor covering open shifts.
  • Increase nurse schedule satisfaction. Dissatisfaction with the schedule is one of the top reasons nurses leave their jobs. 89% of nurses in departments using Nursegrid Manager said its implementation has made them more satisfied.

“We have seen a reduction in the hours managers spend on staffing and schedules, a VERY substantial decrease in the errors that were occurring in our daily staffing, a significant amount of time given back to our charge nurses, and overall I couldn’t imagine going back to the way we were staffing and scheduling before.”
–  Patient Care Manager

This has changed my life...
I advocate Nursegrid to's the best. Staff are loving it and things are going really smooth.
Wonderful turnaround!
It only took me about 45 minutes vs. 4-5 hours to schedule the next months shifts once the resource pool posted.

Nursegrid Manager seamlessly integrates with the Nursegrid mobile app, the #1 nurse scheduling app in the nation, and the NEW! Nursegrid Watch app

Your staff can use our free mobile app to connect with their colleagues and find other nurses available for swaps. If a swap is agreed upon, the swap will be sent to you immediately for approval. No more responding to a stack of papers or scattered emails. 

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