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NurseGrid For Managers

With NurseGrid Manager You Can:


in a user-friendly


the schedule



open shifts
in minutes

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swaps in
real time

With NurseGrid Manager You Can:

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with a user-friendly interface

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the schedule instantly



open shifts in minutes

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swaps in real time


Start Your Day Organized

NurseGrid Manager allows you to always know who is working, address pending shift change requests and staffing needs, and even track expiring credentials, all from a single, simple, powerful platform.

Need on-the-go department control? The NurseGrid Manager mobile app makes all of our functionality possible from your smartphone.

Upload & Distribute the Department Schedule in Minutes

Organizing and circulating the department schedule is no simple task for managers. Whether your schedules are created in complex core scheduling software, Excel, or on paper, NurseGrid Manager makes sharing the schedule quick and easy.

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Centralized Knowledge and Access

End the struggle of searching through phone contacts, email, and paper contact sheets to track down the nurses you need. All of your staff’s contact information, credentials, shift change history, and in-app notes are maintained in NurseGrid Manager’s comprehensive staff directory. Control access with customizable department permissions.

Connects to the #1 Nurse App in the Nation

NurseGrid Manager connects directly to our mobile app, allowing department managers to distribute schedules, process swaps, and communicate instantly with colleagues.

Since 2015, more than 470,000 nurses have downloaded our top-rated free calendar app to help balance their work and personal life. The reviews speak for themselves…

Fill Open Shifts Faster

NurseGrid Manager lets you immediately notify nurses about open shifts based on nurse-indicated availability and staff already scheduled to work the shift. Let NurseGrid automatically approve first responders or choose to manually approve them yourself. Offline users receive notifications via text message.

Real-Time Swap & Giveaway Requests

Receive a push notification when nurses on your team initiate a swap or giveaway request. Review the request and choose to approve or deny it, and alert your nurses immediately about your decision.

Collect Accurate Team Availability

With NurseGrid, nurses can indicate ‘Available to Work’ for unscheduled shifts and update their availability as it changes, as well as offer ‘Voluntary Low Census’ for any scheduled times, allowing managers to make smarter staffing decisions that keep nurses happier.

Low Census – Flex Nurses Off

NurseGrid Manager shows you which nurses have volunteered to be flexed off from the shift, so you can help nurses who want time off get it, all while reducing unnecessary labor costs.

Invest in Technology That Saves Money

Ask your nurse managers how much time they spend each day updating and distributing the schedule, filling open shifts, handling change requests, and tracking down current availability.

NurseGrid Manager is the affordable solution dedicated to making staffing processes and scheduling systems faster and easier, so you can reinvest your time and resources into patient care priorities.

Rollout Is as Simple as Downloading an App

NurseGrid Manager connects directly to NurseGrid Mobile, a free mobile app that over 400k nurses across the country are already managing their schedules on. Implementing NurseGrid Manager immediately unites the department, enabling current user to be your go-to experts during rollout and adoption.

Let Nurses Manage Their Schedules

NurseGrid Manager enables nurses to quickly initiate shift swaps or giveaways based on their own schedule needs and their colleagues’ availability. Eliminate time-consuming manual processes, like texting to find available co-workers and submitting paper-based requests.

Integrate Organically

Where NurseGrid Manager Fits In

The majority of time and energy spent managing schedules happens after the schedule is created and published; this is where most core scheduling solutions fall short. NurseGrid Manager couples with your existing core scheduling system to provide nurse leaders a modern, easy-to-use tool for adapting to ever-changing staffing needs. Spend your time and energy on patients, not staff.

Upload Your Schedule in Seconds

Our simple schedule import feature allows you to populate the data from your scheduling software directly into NurseGrid Manager in seconds.

The Information You Need, When You Need It

With staffing processes and communication in a single place, managers can surface relevant, real-time data and act on it quickly. No more sorting through texts, emails, and voicemails. From knowing which nurses are working to seeing which nurses are available, you are never more than a few clicks away from the information you need.

All‑In‑OneManager Platform

Seamless Scheduling& Communication

Save Money,Boost Satisfaction

Integrate Organically

Integrate seamlessly with existing software and give your core scheduling output the interface and connectivity it needs.
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NurseGrid Manager connects directly to your nurse’s mobile apps:

Mobile Connectivity

NurseGrid Manager connects directly to your nurse’s mobile apps:

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Upload and update their schedules instantly
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Push open shift notifications to eligible nurses
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Receive and respond to shift‑swap requests
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Communicate with the right nurses in real time
“Our staff members love having easy access to the up-to-date schedule wherever they are… Swaps are so much easier to process and we’re filling more open shifts now that we can send them out through NurseGrid. Nothing is getting lost in department email… It’s a win-win for our department!”
Matt from NurseGrid
Matt Tilson RN, BSN, Manager
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