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How to Succeed as a Nurse Manager

When you’re in charge of dozens of nurses and you’re responsible for just about everything that happens on the hospital floor, you need to stay on your toes if you want to be an effective nurse manager.

Nurse Manager Bullying and What to Do About It

As a nurse manager, you are responsible for creating a professional workplace for you and your staff. In addition to supervising your employees, you need to make sure that they are keeping a professional demeanor during their time on the job.

unique nurse jobs

Unique Nursing Jobs that Might be Right Up Your Alley

If you’re tired of working in the same hospital day after day, you might be interested in taking your career in a new direction. Take a look at some of the most unusual nursing jobs around the country.

engage your nurses

How to Keep Nurses Engaged and Motivated on the Job

Nurse engagement is the measure of a nurse’s commitment to their job, their employer, and the nursing profession as a whole. On-the-job engagement plays a vital role in delivering quality patient-centered care. If nurses lack engagement, the quality of care the patient receives is likely to suffer.

travel nursing

4 Reasons Why Nurses Turn to Travel Nursing

Since the late 1970s, medical facilities have responded to nursing shortages by hiring temporary workers to fill crisis needs. Today, temporary nursing positions are filled by thousands of professional travel nurses that travel across the USA filling crisis needs.

managing nurse overtime

Tips for Managing Your Staff's Overtime

As a manager, you need to have a reliable, accurate way of managing your staff’s overtime to make sure patient care and your employees don’t suffer as a result. Use these tips to manage nurse overtime, so you can keep your employees healthy and satisfied with their work.

history of nursing

How Nursing Has Evolved Over the Last 150 Years

The nursing profession continues to evolve as members of the healthcare community analyze and spearhead opportunities for improvement. By looking back on how the nursing industry has changed, we can make better sense of how the industry will continue to evolve going forward.

nursing around the world

Nursing Around the World: Similarities and Differences

Changes in geography and economic development, religious differences, and changes to the overall healthcare system can affect the way a nurse does their job. From education and accreditation to the environment in which care is administered, the nursing industry varies widely across the globe. Learn more about global similarities and differences in nursing.

resume tips

Debunking 4 Common Nurse Résumé Myths

Résumés: the one thing that every nurse needs but very few like to write. If writing or updating your résumé has held you back from applying for a new job opportunity, you are not alone! Here are four nurse résumé myths and changes you can make today.

The Pulse – October 2018

The Pulse – October 2018

We love engaging with our nurse community, now totaling over half a million! We’re here to celebrate the work you do, recognize your pain points, and build solutions to make your life as a nurse better.

White Paper: Nurse Recruitment & Retention

Over the next 15 years one million RNs will retire, creating an enormous experience gap in the nursing field. At the same time, there are not enough experienced teachers and slots available for hands-on clinical training for students.

Infographic: Nurse Recruitment & Retention

Unsure what to do about high turnover rates and the impending nursing shortage? Learn about the financial rewards, incentives, and workplace environments that hospitals are implementing to recruit and retain talent.

A Nurse's Story: 3 Things That Helped Me through Burnout

A Nurse's Story: 3 Things That Helped Me through Burnout

Burnout is one of worst things that can happen to you as a nurse. Blood, guts, and gore — these things don’t phase us. But, burnout? It’s that one thing that can make you take off your scrubs and never want to wear them again.