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8 Rules To Pass The NCLEX From A Nurse Who Took All 265 Questions

The NCLEX and I had some good times and some bad times, but mainly just spent a lot of time together. Here are my “8 Rules” if you want to pass the NCLEX- no matter how many questions it takes.

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Hidden Nurse Anxiety

Anxiety can significantly impact many nurses’ work environments. Personally speaking, nothing has shaped my career as a nurse more than anxiety derived from negative nursing experiences.

Articles for Nurses

Emergency Nursing: A Look at Our Founder’s Career as an ED Nurse

The NurseGrid team is heading to the Emergency Nurses Association Annual Conference in Los Angeles. In honor of this event, I sat down with our Founder and CEO Joe Novello, a former ED nurse himself, to relive some of his best–and worst–times in the ED.

Articles for Nurses

Male Nurses: WE ARE… The Ten Percenters

Since 1970, the number of male nurses has more than tripled. We have increased our share of nursing from 2.7% to around 10%.  There’s not many things I can claim to be a minority about, but the absence of a second X chromosome has made me just that in the field of nursing. I’m proud […]