Male Nurses: WE ARE... The Ten Percenters

The number of male nurses continues to grow alongside the industry as a whole. Learn more about the changing times, and the rise of the murse!
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Since 1970, the number of male nurses has more than tripled. We have increased our share of nursing from 2.7% to around 10%. 

There are not many things I can claim to be a minority about, but the absence of a second X chromosome has made me just that in the field of nursing. I’m proud to say that male nurse numbers are growing. As a tribute to my fellow ten percenters, here are some more cool “facts” about males and the number 10%.

This lady only wants 10% of men on the planet.

Maybe I'll see her in my psych ward some day. Next to the lady who accuses every staff member of impregnating her with the baby, she's not pregnant with.

FACT: one looks 10x cooler when entering a bar with your nursing school friends.

By the averages above, that would be 9 friends that are girls and 1 male.

Males have 10% larger brains than females.

I'm sure there's some mumbo-jumbo in there about it not making a difference, but I didn’t read the rest of the article. I was too busy admiring my large brain in the mirror.

Male noses are 10% bigger than females.

Technically it’s needed for increased oxygen demands for more muscle mass, but I say it's for our large brains.

10% of elephants are tuskers because of evolution.

They’re after our ivory, and yes, I am now broadening “male” to all non-female animals.

10% of men suffer from color blindness in “Caucasian societies.”

I don’t know what a “Caucasian Society” is, but that’s because I don’t see color. Seriously, because apparently, I'm color blind.

FACT: 10% of my patients ask if I’m going to become a doctor.

The other 90% just assume I am the doctor.

10% of the time it works every time.

Just one of my favorite movies thought it was an appropriate gif.

10% of the people reading this won’t pick up on my satire and will lead to an angry inbox.

Of course, I am proud to be a male nurse and even more proud to work with all of my amazing co-workers. Nursing is a team sport, and we must rely on each other to get through our shifts. Without humor, some sarcasm, and satire, we'd all be burnt out by age 30.

Hopefully, you enjoy our quirky sense of humor here at NurseGrid. When not working in the hospital, I am in the office helping create the BEST app possible for nurses. Seriously, guys, it's free, you should download it. I also make some fun videos, because, we all need a laugh sometimes!

Nurse on.

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Zach Smith

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