Behind the Schedule: the Overwhelming Ordeal of Nurse Scheduling

The complex process of creating and communicating schedules adds extra stress for nurse managers and schedulers. Often, it keeps them from doing the parts of their job that matter most. In fact, nurse managers are spending upwards of 50 percent of their time on scheduling duties.

The process of creating and adjusting staff schedules month after month requires the soliciting of schedule requests, building the schedule, distributing the schedule and managing any changes that need to be made. It’s a headache, to say the least.

To better help nurses and nurse managers deal with their schedules, we are building out a core scheduling platform to complement our existing scheduling and staffing tools. So, we want to know: How do you manage your schedule for your department? What would make your life easier? What do you look for in a core scheduling tool? Make your voice heard and influence a product that will change the way nurse schedules are created! Comment below or send us an email:

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