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Why Does a Tech Company Have a VP of Nursing?

When I started out in nursing, I knew little of what it took to be a nurse outside of assessments and patient care. In today’s world, it isn’t enough to just be a good clinical nurse. Like it or not, technology has become a part of our society and therefore a part of our industry. You can be the most experienced and knowledgeable nurse on your unit, but if you don’t know how to use modern day technological tools your efficiency will suffer.

Many nurses struggle with technology on units, both young and old. Some argue that there is too much technology in hospitals and that it bogs down the most important facet of being a nurse: caring for your patients. However, technology has made our world more productive as a whole. The issue lies in which technology is being implemented in hospitals. Is it easy to use? Is it intuitive? If the technology wasn’t designed specifically for nurses--the end user--then often times the answer is no.

When I was asked to come onboard with NurseGrid to help develop a technology product for nurses, it was a light bulb moment for me. Joe Novello, the Founder and CEO who was asking me to work with him, was also an RN. For too long, both of us had been subjected to technology that was designed and delivered by non-nurses. We drew on that experience and frustration to help build solutions specifically for nurses and nurse leaders.

NurseGrid has a solid mix of clinical expertise, entrepreneurs, top-notch design professionals, and developers. As a company devoted to providing simple, powerful tools for nurses and nurse leaders, leadership with a nursing background became paramount.

When people see that I am a VP of Nursing, they assume I work for a hospital. Nursing leadership doesn’t have to be confined to hospitals, nursing homes, or clinics. When a company sets out to solve problems for nurses, nurses need to be involved. In my VP of Nursing role, I help ensure that our products make sense for nurses, that our marketing resonates with the field, and that our customer support efforts are empathetic to the needs of the nurses they’re assisting. With our company growing and our products becoming more robust, we won't lose sight of our mission to create technology that helps nurses.

The results shouldn’t be surprising. When nurses are happy, more efficient, and more engaged, everyone wins. Hospitals save money, patients receive better care, and nurses enjoy increased job satisfaction.

As a bedside nurse, I advocated for my patients. As a business nurse, I advocate for nurses. To answer the question “Why does a tech company have a VP of nursing?” I’d respond, “Why aren’t there more of us?”

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