Top 7 X-Men Who Would Make Great Nurses

Every nurse has a super power, but does every nurse have a mutant power? Read which X-Men the NurseGrid Team believes would be the best mutant nurse!
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With Great Power Comes Great Nurse Responsibility.

Today is the DVD & Blu-Ray release of X-Men: Days of Future Past! With over $746 million reported in box office revenue, this Summer has proven that the X-Men, our favorite band of mutant superheroes, have never been better. After nearly fifteen years, six movies, dozens of our favorite mutants, and hours of Hugh Jackman popping his iconic claws, the X-Men franchise is here to stay, with multiple follow-ups already in the works.

But what happens when the world no longer needs saving? After all is said and done, the X-Men may have to find gainful employment elsewhere, and the nursing world may be the perfect fit for some. We at NurseGrid have ranked which X-Men would make the best mutant nurses, joining the ranks of millions around the world proving themselves to be heroes every day.

Disclaimer: Yes, a mutant with the power to heal would be the perfect nurse, but such individuals have purposefully been disqualified since every nurse already possesses this superpower.

7. Magneto | The Ability to Control Metal

If you have witnessed Magneto watching TV while sewing a wound with his mind in "Days of Future Past", then you can see the incredible value in the multitasking potential of controlling metal. Imagine treating a patient with a syringe, inserting an IV, and putting in a catheter ALL while writing up a report. Unless you are ACTUALLY Magneto, then you would most likely hold the hospital floor hostage until mutants are treated equally.

6. Kitty Pryde | Phasing through Objects

The ability to phase through walls, objects, and even people could definitely be a great benefit when getting from patient to patient with ease. It would also be rather useful when getting away from the Joint Commission.

5. Quicksilver | Superhuman Speed

Never again would you ever have to worry about commuting to work and back. Feel free to roll out of bed at 4:59 am, you will still make it to work by 5 am. Under-staffing is not a term you are familiar with since you generally are assigned shifts by yourself; after all, why have a full staff when you can care for thirty patients at once? However, a twelve-hour shift will probably seem closer to thirty hours at the rate you live your life.

4. Mystique | Shape-shifting

"I want a different nurse."

No problem.

3. Nightcrawler | Teleportation

You redefine the meaning of "code blue". No matter where your work takes you, your ability to instantly be anywhere you need to be makes your colleagues trust and depend on you. However, they aren't the biggest fans of the potent, sulfur smell you leave when you teleport into the room, and neither are your patients.

2. Jean Grey | Telepathy

Imagine the ability to turn off the receptors of a patient experiencing 10/10 pain. You would be everyone's favorite nurse, with your "natural" ability to read your patients' minds. Be warned that with great power comes great responsibility, and mentally invading a patient's privacy still goes against the Code of Ethics for Nurses.

And the winner is...

1. Wolverine | Being Wolverine

We weren't really sure how an accelerated healing factor, a skeleton, and claws augmented with adamantium, and a heightened sense of smell would be a great fit for nursing. But Nurse Wolverine (@Wolv-RN) has proven us wrong:

Wolverine has seen more than most of us would in multiple lifestyles. He's the best there is at what he did. The only problem is, what he did wasn't very nice. We at NurseGrid are happy to see Wolvie turn over a new leaf and apply himself in a way that is more conducive to society, by "helping patients heal almost as fast as he does."

X-Men may make great nurses, but the world is fortunate enough to have nurse superheroes saving lives every single day. We at NurseGrid are proud to not only be nurses ourselves but to also be providing the ultimate gadgets that every nurse needs in their utility belt.

So, to all the incredible nurses out there, never stop saving the day. We'll help you do it.

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Zach Smith

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