Top 5 Resources for Nursing Students

There are so many resources for nursing students out there, it can be hard to keep up! Read our favorite places online for nursing students to go!
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Any veteran nurse, let alone a student, can tell you that nursing school is no walk in the park.

Between classes and clinicals, it can be difficult to balance such a workload. However, every year, more nurses are graduating and joining the ranks of many other nurses who are building resources to accommodate the stress of nursing school.

These nursing student resources can provide you with news, job postings, and learning hacks to make sure you make the most of your nursing school experience.

Top 5 Resources:

1. | Student News & Resources

Not only does provide everything a nurse – no matter how experienced – could need, the site has a section devoted solely to nursing students. Here, you can find all the latest news every nursing student should know, as well as links to financial aid resources and further information about the various careers in nursing. also has a frequently-updated listing of job openings for student nurses.

2. The National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA)

The NSNA is solely devoted towards ensuring the success of nursing students across the nation. A great source of learning and leadership opportunities, the NSNA provides any nursing student the engagement they're looking for, with an online forum, career advice, nurse events, and an app to access their resources on the go.

3. Specialty Associations

When getting into the nursing world, there are many paths to take when it comes to starting your career. Nearly every specialty has its own organization that provides online papers, books, and additional resources for one to delve into should they have the interest. A great example of this is the Emergency Nurses Association. The ENA provides a great deal of information for those interested in working in an emergency department, as well as a plethora of publications available to its members. Specialty associations such as this are a great way to discover your place in the world of nursing.

4. Pinterest

I never anticipated Pinterest to be such a great resource for nurses, since I personally use it for clothing and food recipes. However, typing in a term as simple as a “nursing school” can elicit some great pieces any nursing student would find helpful. With pins ranging from the anecdotes of veteran nurses to helpful infographics to a never-ending stream of nurse humor, Pinterest demonstrates the wonderful power of nurses working together online to improve nursing for everyone.

5. Blogs, Twitter, & Other Social Media Outlets

Sometimes, the best way to hear what other nurses have to say is to go direct. There are an incredible amount of blogs, nurse forums, and nurses on Twitter who are putting out great content for nursing students. Don't get overwhelmed by the sheer number out there! I've compiled my list of the top five nurses and nurse communities to be a part of online.

These are just a selection of the many resources out the for nurses both online and offline. Don't see your personal favorite resource on our list? Share with us where you go to receive all your nursing student needs!

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Zach Smith

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