Portland is a Great Community for Startups

Portland is smaller by deal size and volume, but it can’t be overlooked as a thriving pad for startups and entrepreneurship.
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This post is a brief introduction to Portland as the cozy, intimate, communal, platform for startups that it is and continues to grow into. Keep your eyes out later for a more in-depth analysis of Portland’s startup and tech scene with an eye towards unique advantages. For now, get to know Portland and the rapidly growing and prosperous niche it is. Portland is really arriving as one of the West Coast’s up and coming startup cities.

Where San Francisco and Seattle provide tech-rich playgrounds up and down the west coast, Portland, the little brother, has often been overlooked. However, the startup community in Portland is lively, growing, and carries a unique atmosphere that doesn’t try too hard to be competitive, over the top “Valley.” Founders and startups in Portland are competitive, don’t get us wrong, but success is really fueled by community, passion, and a great operating environment.

The amount of VC money pouring into West Coast cities would suggest that Portland is hardly a blip on the radar, but as companies like eBay, Airbnb, SquareSpace, Yahoo, and many others move portions of their operations to the Rose City it’s apparent there is more than meets the eye.

The many startups that weave the community of early-stage companies in Portland are highly collaborative, and success is celebrated universally. Most recently two companies closing $7M and $8M Series A rounds (Cloudability and Opal respectively) are building a wave of momentum led by massive success stories like Puppet Labs and AWS Elemental. And as the path becomes paved by more and more successes Portland’s community will only grow. The allure of the Pacific Northwest Wonderland is just one portion of Portland’s appeal. And as these players bring the resources and attention to the city, there are plenty more success stories on the launchpad and ready to take Portland skyward.

Enjoy this brief video about Portland and a few of its startups, and tell me you wouldn’t want to found a company here!

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Zach Smith

Zach Smith