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Nurse Insights: What Email Provider Do Nurses Use Most?

Ever wondered if you’re the only nurse still using AOL? Our Nurse Insights segment might surprise you.

Over 11,000 nurses have now downloaded NurseGrid (yay!), and it’s providing us with some unique nurse insights. We’re going to start sharing some of the data that we think might be interesting.

So, with that said, we wanted to share our first bit of research: what is the most popular email provider for nurses?

As you might expect, Gmail took top honors, with 35% market share amongst nurses. Close on its heels is Yahoo, at 30%, and rounding out the top three is Hotmail at 10% of nurse market share. After Hotmail, the list drops off, but we were surprised to see AOL representing with a notable 8% market share.

At NurseGrid, we’ve contemplated whether or not this data could be considered a proxy for technology adoption. What we often hear from nurses is that they value applications that are easy to use and reliable. Rattling off a list of all the great features doesn’t raise excitement – showing the right features in an easy-to-consume format does.

Keep posted for more nurse insights to come – and if you have a request for a specific insight you’d like to see, please drop us a line.

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